How to Become Popular on Roblox?

by Arslan Ashraf

How to Become Popular on Roblox?

People who want to get famous in any field know about the importance of it. Therefore, they are trying to be popular in it. But for beginners, it is better to understand that Roblox is an open platform that helps anyone to play games and make their games. That platform is designed for creative people to make games and earn from here. This is suitable for creative people and gaming enthusiasts who want to enhance their creative ability and get something if they invest their precious time.

The platform Roblox works with the currency called Robux if you want to purchase premium characters, dressings, or anything else. Otherwise, you can create your avatar by using free costumes and other stuff. It was all that others needed to know was offered by the platform,, but the real question is, how to become famous on Roblox? Well, different tasks or practical methods can help you become famous on Roblox; in this way, others may buy your made characters and costumes.

1. Make a youtube channel for your game

To start a youtube channel, you would need the equipment required for a gaming channel, like a good quality camera, a microphone, and game-friendly editing software: screen recorder software and high-quality headphones. Focusing on one channel will let you engage in real-time traffic. The youtube channel name should be based on the game for better engagement purposes. Upload videos on weekly bases and also try the youtube shots as an experiment.

2. Improve the visibility of your game

First of all, you should make an easy and unique name for your game. Then use your same keyword in the description too. Make a first-sight eye-catching icon for your game that will attract viewers and increase conversion. Add manual customization features that make the game more user-friendly. Adding light colors will be a reason to decrease the bounce rate. The game’s graphics quality also matters and is the main factor for gamers of the time.

3. Stream your gameplay on famous platforms

Focusing on one game will help en route to becoming a professional player. Some famous platforms are offering free live streaming, and gamers have a great opportunity to engage more traffic with the same interest. Provide the gamers latest news and newly released features of the game.  Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, and Mobcrush are popular online streaming platforms. Professionals test these platforms to capture a loyal audience.

4. Include new features and achievements with updates

The game should provide updates with time as an improvement. More features for gamers should be added to increase the craze in gamers. New events for every month with different rewards should also be included to engage gamers. The game should organize competitions so friends can make challenges together and make the game popular. Minigames within the game should be organized to attach players permanently.

5. Design and Sell virtual Products Based on the Game

Roblox allows the creation and design of avatars, dressings, and other stuff. All the products that can be created in Roblox can be sold too. Gamers buy products according to their intentions. To sell any product, you need to go onto the main page of the items and click on the geared button or three dots. If the pop-up appears, it will show some options you need to select to sell, and then you can configure the price of your choice for your created items.

6. Create a group and add Friends in Roblox to grow your social circle

Create your game group on Roblox by clicking on 3 dots, selecting “groups“, and then “create group”. Name your group and add a description with a keyword and upload an emblem that is so attractive. Select “anyone can join” and purchase. If you can’t buy, find a public group of your interest with 0 members and claim ownership. Add friends of common interests on Roblox and invite them to join your group. More members will grow in the group to value others’ views.

7. Advertise Your Game to Increase Traffic

Advertisement is used to make any project popular, let people know what is coming next in the market, or generate sales. Creating video content that shows the game is easy, adventurous, and fun for them since it is best for advertisement and can reach the maximum audience. Start the gameplay with trailers and short clips. Also, find a group of people with the same interest and can join and share your interests with others.


Roblox is a full-time open platform where anyone can come, customize, make, and play games. In addition, it also offers its members the ability to create and sell items and games to earn something from the platform and earn as well. But you must know how to become famous on the Roblox game to get the most out of it. Therefore, you need to follow some tips and make your value on the platform. Create a game and improve its search visibility by making unique and glamorous icons and cover images. Add new and interesting features along with the time.

Make a youtube channel for the game, upload videos, and add some related tags to the videos. Live stream your gameplay on Youtube, Facebook, and other famous platforms to engage more audiences. Design and create virtual products like avatars, parts, and dressings and sell them by setting the price of your choice. Advertise your game to the targeted audience with the same curiosity. Add your Roblox friends to the group to keep them in touch with you and the game. Following the above steps, you could be the next famous Roblox player.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Roblox on PS4?

No, Roblox isn’t on PS4 but you can slightly tweak PS4, apply some methods, and enjoy Roblox on PS4. You must read this post on is Roblox on PS4 to explore those methods and play Roblox on the PS4 console.

What age plays Roblox most?

The majority of Roblox users fall into the under-18 category. Regarding the statistics, 67% of the users are under 16-18 years while only 14% are between 18-25 years.

How to Fix error code 103 on Roblox?

Error code 103 on Roblox is one of the most common issues that users face while playing Roblox. You can resolve it by allowing “see content from other users”, power cycling the Xbox, port forwarding, reinstalling Roblox, and creating a new Roblox account.

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