Are Gaming Laptops worth it?

A gaming laptop is a laptop that is particularly intended for playing video games and displaying complex 3D visuals. So the first question that comes to mind is, are gaming laptops worth it? Another question that arises is how does it evolve? Playing games on a laptop needs specific, dedicated technology that can render games quickly and deliver a nice gaming experience. However, the gaming laptop scene is evolving, and many of them seem extremely professional and could be used in the workplace. Gaming laptops also feature bolder designs that attract attention.

Importance of Gaming Laptops

People are no longer happy with only video gaming on game consoles or smartphones, and the majority of gamers prefer to play games on PCs nowadays. So, the importance of gaming laptops is that they desire more visual graphics and faster gaming performance, and they may want to deal with enjoyment and work on the same device. Therefore, a gaming laptop is a way to go. Every year, gaming laptops get better and can now compare with the capability of a desktop PC.

Are Gaming Laptops worth the money?

Many people are interested in purchasing gaming laptops, but the question is, are these gaming laptops really worth the money? There are a variety of reasons why gaming laptops may be worth the investment, depending on your needs. A gaming laptop is designed to be taken with you wherever you go, and they now have more battery life and more power than ultra-books. However, if you want powerful hardware, great battery life, and a thin and light design all in one laptop, things can get a bit expensive.

Users may select between gaming desktops and portable gaming laptops depending on whether they want to play on the go. Therefore, one might wonder if gaming laptops are worth it. When compared to gaming desktops, gaming laptops allow you to enjoy PC video games when away from home, but they are significantly more expensive. All else being comparable, a gaming desktop will be more powerful since equivalent components work better on a larger chassis with additional fans for maximum cooling and heat dissipation.


A gaming laptop may be the best way to enjoy the best gaming experience, given its capabilities. Do you really need it? Are gaming laptops worth it? When purchasing a gaming laptop, there are a few things you should consider, such as the graphics card, processor, and gaming laptop size. This guide has solutions to your problems. Most gaming laptops have membrane keys that can be easily pushed down, and gaming laptops are frequently available for low prices in our roundup of the best laptop offers.

  • When you buy a gaming laptop, you gain far more capabilities than if you bought a fixed gaming console.
  • Gaming laptops, in particular, are a good choice for students or those who work from home or other offsite locations but still want to play games.
  • Importantly, gaming laptops typically contain connectors dedicated to connecting to external displays or accessing wired network connections.
  • While the price of a gaming laptop is often substantially greater, you get some very amazing features in exchange. While gaming setups often include top-tier graphics cards and CPUs, there’s another piece of technology to consider here: better resolution displays.
  • You also have an extra degree of adaptability here that many consumers overlook at first, aside from having a work and gaming computer.
  • Aside from robust metal construction, gaming-focused laptops generally have a vibrant design that you won’t find on any other device.
  • A gaming laptop may be the perfect accessory to show off your personality in public, with features like multi-section or per-key keyboard backlighting, illuminated exhaust ports, and distinctive engraved red patterns.


A premium gaming laptop with strong build quality and the ability to run all of the current games at a competitive frame rate per second with high graphics would often cost $2,000 or more. An ordinary gaming laptop will be able to run all of the current games, but how much does a gaming laptop cost? It will lack the greatest build quality or performance when compared to a premium gaming laptop, which will cost between $1,200 and $2,000.


A gaming laptop clearly has an advantage over a desktop computer because of the fact that gaming laptops are becoming thinner and lighter. And gone are the days when gaming laptops were colossal beasts that required a rigorous fitness regimen just to transport. These days, there are plenty of portable gaming systems that may pass for professional laptops for education and business. With a sleek design and a thin and light chassis, you can throw an Asus Zephyrus G14 in your backpack without thinking twice.


Low-cost gaming laptops have recently improved significantly. You may easily get a gaming laptop that will deliver a high-quality gaming experience for less than $1,000. Not only will it have the power to run the newest games, but you can also get affordable gaming laptops with high refresh rate displays, long battery life, and a slim design. Therefore, gaming laptops don’t have to be costly. However, if you are gaming on a budget, these laptops will deliver more than enough enjoyment to make them worthwhile.


Like most tech products, gaming laptops have some downsides as well. Our discussion is incomplete without telling you about these and analyzing whether you should go for one or not. Keep reading until the end to get a better idea.

Price: The first and most important flaw of a gaming laptop is its higher price than the desktops despite the same performance level. One of the reasons why these are expensive is that the manufacturers have to put more into compact hardware. It not only requires more research and precision but also other resources like production costs–this is acceptable since the laptops are smaller in size.

Heat: Since the laptops are smaller in size, the chances of heat production are higher than a PC with the same performance capabilities. The unnecessary thermal increase directly affects the overclocking that ultimately causes unstable performance. In addition, the current-era games are heavy in nature so the chances of cooling issues are higher than the desktop computers.

However, all the manufacturers are trying their best to introduce better and more effective ways to tackle this issue. Interestingly, they have discovered some better methods to cool the laptops down under high loads. There are several laptops that produce way less heat than traditional laptops and can control the temperature in no time. So, spend some time and find those accordingly.

Battery life vs size: Since the games put more stress on the CPU and GPU to calculate and execute particular instructions, the laptops need more power to compile the scenario. While doing so, the battery size increases and makes the laptop heavier. You have to choose one thing between battery life or size. If you go for a smaller laptop, it may affect the battery backup.


RAZER BLADE 15 (Image credit: Amazon)


Best gaming laptop


Superior build quality

Multiple CPU/GPU options

Both look good and work well

Long-lasting battery


Razer’s expensive price

Tracking can be difficult

One of the best gaming laptops ever created is once again improved with the Razer Blade 15’s most recent iteration. It boasts the same exquisite CNC-milled aluminum chassis as its predecessor, but this time it can accommodate both an Intel Core i9 processor from the 12th generation and one of Nvidia’s most recent RTX 30-series GPUs. We have experimented with the RTX 3080 (95W) GPU-equipped Razer Blade 15 Advanced, which uses a 10th-generation Intel processor.

Since then, we’ve also tested out the larger Razer Blade 17 with an RTX 3080 Ti and one of those delicious 12th Gen chips inside, and we’re still astounded by what can fit into such a small and tidy chassis. Although the Blade 15 isn’t the lowest gaming laptop you can purchase, it weighs only five pounds, which is still significantly less than many other typical gaming laptops and provides comparable performance and capabilities.

The Blade 15 has a lot of extra features, which is one of its best features. There is something for essentially everyone, ranging from the RTX 3060 Base Edition to the RTX 3080 Ti advanced with a 144Hz 4K panel. It really is one of the most efficient and one of the most elegant gaming laptops available. Though you’ll pay more for the now-classic appearance, we believe the Razer Blade 15 is the finest gaming laptop overall available right now, regardless of the configuration you choose.

ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS G14 (Image credit: Amazon)


Best All-round gaming laptop


AMD’s most recent CPU and GPU

Excellent gaming performance

Strong and attractive chassis

16:10, 2560 x 1440, 120Hz IPS panel


Not as cheap as I’d imagine the G14 to be

Poor gaming battery life

The updated Zephyrus G14 for 2022 continues to astound us with its well-balanced specifications and superior gaming performance. Since it has a 120Hz refresh rate, this device seriously rips through frames, and it’s fantastic for much more than just gaming. Although there is a cheaper RX 6700S option, we tested the model with AMD’s RX 6800S as the graphics card. That less expensive choice might be a touch preferable, given that the high-end one can get quite dear.

Its 32GB of DDR5-4800 RAM isn’t much of a help in that sense, but we did like having all that quick memory ready to take on everything you can throw at it. Its primary processor is the AMD Ryzen 6900HS. Although you’re basically competing over boost clocks and not so much when it comes to the absolute top of the red side’s mobile processors, it is one of AMD’s Ryzen 6000-series’ best and brightest chips. The G14 no longer has the quality of being unexpectedly affordable for what you receive.

Since the memory standard was established last year, DDR5 prices have hardly decreased, and 32GB is an abundance of high-performance memory compared to the majority of gaming PCs available today. During the two weeks I’ve owned it, I haven’t encountered any significant problems, and Asus has more than made up for the few design flaws I do have with a plethora of advantages. In contrast to the one we examined, the less expensive ones might be a better choice.

RAZER BLADE 14 (Image credit: Amazon)


Best ideal small gaming laptop


Excellent design

Outstanding build quality

Excellent overall performance

Ultra book-style portability


It’s pretty expensive for 1080p gaming.

Higher-spec GPUs will degrade performance.

Nvidia RTX 3060, AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX, and the Razer Blade 14. This, in our opinion, is the ideal arrangement for the tiny Blade 14. It is the least expensive, but it also provides exceptional gaming performance when combined with an RTX 3060 GPU and a 1080p, 144Hz screen. Then it also has workstation processing capability thanks to the brand-new 8-core, 16-thread AMD CPU.

The tragically underutilized laptop design was brought back by the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 in the No. 2 position, but Razer has improved upon it. The Razer design is timeless and is also a pleasure to hold. Additionally, you can now obtain real processing power that fits in a messenger bag with the Blade notebook’s inclusion of the amazing AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX. And you can now get the Blade 14 with the brand-new Ryzen 9 6900HX chip at its core.

In Razer’s wide laptop selection, the grossly underutilized 14-inch prototype also merits becoming one of the top sellers. So, if this laptop achieves the success it should, the business might find itself forced to make some challenging decisions regarding the CPUs it supplies and where. But you have to decide which graphics card you want to use. Although the RTX 3080 Ti is faster, it sacrifices a lot more gaming experience on the cutting room floor. I always vote for the more affordable RTX 3060 because of its high frame rates.


This article is all about whether gaming laptops are worth it. There are so many possibilities these days for an inexpensive, high-quality gaming experience. Whether you are on a budget, want extreme power, or require a portable gaming solution that also functions as a professional laptop, buying a gaming laptop right now is a no-brainer, with gaming laptops lasting longer and longer due to more advanced models and increasing costs for desktop components due to a supply chain crisis. However, for on-the-go gaming, we strongly recommend investing in a high-end gaming laptop, which is totally worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gaming laptops worth it 2022?

Millions of questions arise related to: Are gaming laptops worth it? There isn’t a definite answer to it. Gaming laptops are worthwhile choices if you’re looking for a portable gaming option.

Is gaming laptop better than normal?

Gaming laptops have strong processors with several cores and faster processing rates. A gaming laptop has more cores than a normal laptop has. These processors are therefore perfect for things like word processing and sending emails etc. So, yes, gaming laptops are better than normal.

Why are gaming laptops not worth it?

Despite being less efficient than their desktop counterparts, gaming laptops often get condemnation for being highly priced. The portability of the laptop is one of its selling points, so contrasting it with a gaming PC or console may not be the ideal approach.

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