Is eGPU worth it?

Several years back, high-end gaming level was preferred on performing desktops as they were considered the golden choice for getting excellent gameplay. High-level GPUs blew all graphic processors out of water. Anyone wishing for superb gameplay would need a desktop setup, and laptops being new and undeveloped technology, were pushed aside. However, the fast pace of advancement has now made it more feasible than ever to play graphically intensive games on the laptop.

It created high competition among the evolving technologies, and this is the point in time when the eGPU emerged. It is now possible to connect a desktop GPU to a laptop to boost its performance with advancement. eGPU is an external device that is capable of holding a desktop’s graphic card and providing power to it. They connect to your laptop and dispense the juice it needs to run some of the highly glossy games.

Depending upon their usage and enclosure, PC users, specifically gaming enthusiasts, can swap or add GPUs as much as they want. But, if you are a Mac or a laptop guy, then it won’t be accessible at all for you to do any of these things. External GPUs enable you to add half-length graphic cards to your machine via thunderbolt 2 or thunderbolt 3. So, the most basic question being asked these days is, “is eGPU worth it?”Glad you asked this question.

Modern GPUs can do specific calculations way faster than they were being done in the past by your computer’s CPU and can take away those tasks from the CPU, making your overall machine look more efficient. That’s obviously an oversimplified statement. If your current GPU isn’t supporting a mercury GPU acceleration, now is the time for you to upgrade. If you give thought to adding octane render to your cinema 4D workflow, you will need a CUDA-enabled GPU. 

For getting a piece of deep and precise knowledge about GPUs, you just have to give this article a complete and attentive thorough look. We will discuss all the factors that play a role in the performance of eGPU. After that, you will know the answer to whether it is worth eGPU.


The horizon of the eGPu world is touching the highest limits these days as they are continuously evolving. A few contenders in the external GPU enclosure include AKiTiO with a few different seasoning enclosures. ASUS has also introduced their XG-STATION-PRO or Sonnet tech with the eGFX Breakaway Box. If you are a ready-to-roll type of guy, then you can also go for the AORUS GTX 1080 Gaming Box, which offers its users an embedded Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPU.

Is eGPU worth it

Now moving towards the final and foremost question, Is eGPU worth it? Here are some things that we need to know about. The eGPUs provide diversification in their jobs. The problem is that the niche in which they exist is a lot smaller than you may think. Imagine if a laptop is striving to play the latest games, and an eGPU may be an excellent solution to that problem; however, many users will consider buying a new laptop. As it would provide them a more satisfactory feeling. Moreover, it would allow them to have more latest updated software applications.

Is eGPU worth it
Is eGPU worth it

As such, anyone willing to buy to newer eGPU also has to balance the idea of simply buying new hardware. However, few niches fit the bill of the commoner, but still, the option of new hardware is very much valid. Consider a scenario in which your friend gives you his old eGPU, and then you can quickly get rid of the thought of getting new hardware. But it is not always the scenario, so it becomes a bit confusing to choose between two scenarios.

You can also end up buying an eGPU only for protecting your graphics card while you are out and about. For example, you can unplug it to take it to the café along with you, and on coming back home, you can just plug and play. By plug and play, we mean you just have to connect the eGPU, and you are all done loading and playing your intense games.


Form factor:

When buying an eGPU, one of the most important things is to check whether the eGPU matches your card properties. Does it suit your chosen enclosure? It also becomes more responsible for you to check the card’s dimensions versus the enclosure you are going to buy.


Spending on something that comes with multiple flavors makes it quite difficult for the buyer to choose. Gamers might disagree, but our team has made a precise comparison among some models, and now we are to give a final verdict about the memory the more significant the memory of the card, the more suitable the performance is. Whatever you do, buy a card that contains at least 4GB of virtual RAM, as it is the minimum requirement for video work.


This factor isn’t discussed much in the market, but it is obvious that a newer model will offer more features and work better than the senior one. It is on you to do extensive research before pulling the trigger because the last thing you would want is to buy a new GPU right before a new model is released. You can also choose a newer model card when it’s available or save some dough on the model you’re currently interested in.  


Nvidia CUDA cores are said to be one of the most responsible factors when considering an eGPU. These are parallel processors much more likely than a processor in a CPU. These come in multiple specifications like they can be dual or quad-core processors.  Nvidia GPUs, however, can contain several thousand cores. These are responsible for dealing with data that moves through GPU, and cores handle video games graphics when any character or scenery is being loaded on the screen. A higher number of CUDA cores typically signifies that the video card provides faster and better, and smoother performance under extreme conditions. Nvidia offers a range of cards, offering a variety of cores.


For those who are already in the market looking for eGPU, the current range of GPUs allows you to mix and match graphics cards for your old system. Interestingly, many customers were asking whether is eGPU worth it. But before you buy a new card, you should consider buying a newer system as this decision would be better overall. After all, they are not cheap.

If you are a gaming enthusiast and your laptop is no more willing to let you enjoy some more intense performing games, and you still don’t want to buy newer hardware, and if it is the only way for you to achieve your goals, it’s worth the investment.

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