Is GPU Overclocking Safe? How do I overclock?

It is widespread for gamers to compress their hardware to provide maximum performance. Sometimes we overclock our hardware beyond the manufacturer’s standard design to squeeze out all the remaining power. Overclocking hardware can be helpful, but it can also be dangerous. Not only will the speed difference be slight, but it will also generate more heat to the part and shorten its lifespan. So, **is it safe to overclock GPU? Let’**s discuss it in this post.

Is GPU Overclocking Safe To Use?

It’s safe to overclock your GPU with an excellent cooling system, power supply, and motherboard. Because overclocking increases power consumption, the GPU also generates a considerable amount of heat, so without a good cooler and parts that can withstand that temperature, the lifespan of the GPU can be gradually shortened. That wasn’t even worth overclocking until a few years ago and required a high-end motherboard and a massive cooling system.

However, overclocking is much more stable than it is today and can even be done on suitable mid-range components. In comparison, the brand new even mentions GPU frequencies before and after overclocking. But even now, recklessly overclocking in the worst-case scenario could ultimately damage your GPU or PC. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Does overclocking kill the GPU?

It’s scarce for a GPU to fail when overclocking completely, but it’s still possible. If your PC isn’t cooling enough or your GPU is overclocked, your PC will automatically shut down at a specific temperature for your safety. If that doesn’t work, your GPU may be damaged. By default, when your PC gets very hot, the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) automatically shuts down the PC to keep its components safe.

Good Cooling System:

Thinking of it, it is pretty good and saves many GPUs and CPUs. Still, sometimes (call it bad luck), if this function doesn’t work correctly (or gets damaged before reaching that peak temperature), in that case, it will not be suitable for your PC health. That’s why, although GPUs nowadays are more overclocking friendly in the end, you are given more power, so it will be much better if you make sure these things which are going to be mentioned below are proper in your PC.

Dangers Of Overclocking GPU:

Some users also experience frequent system crashes as overclocking means GPU performance is outside of manufacturer specifications. It is usually a BSOD or Blue Screen of Death. To achieve stable overclocking in the same way as discussed in the previous section, the voltages must be increased appropriately to compensate for the increase in memory clock speed and GPU cores. A common problem that can occur when a laptop overheats is throttling, and in some cases, automatically shutting down.

Power Supply Unit (PSU):

The power supply unit (PSU) is another component that plays an essential role in overclocking. For overclocking, you need to increase the GPU power. If the power supply itself is insufficient to provide power, the computer automatically shuts down. GPUs are inherently power-hungry, so buying a PSU with the minimum wattage (as suggested by the manufacturer) is not a good idea and can definitely make a difference when overclocking. This is why I recommend using a slightly higher wattage PSU from a good brand.

Manufacturers also recommend it if you intend to do extreme overclocking. Taking these factors into account, GPU overclock is entirely safe. You can also monitor the temperature while overclocking the GPU so that if the temperature rises in any way, you can gradually lower the overclocking intensity.

Do I Need To Overclock My GPU?

After all, overclocking is a risk that can shorten the lifespan of your GPU if you do it too much. However, increasing FPS in games can be beneficial for some people. How much will it cost or how much you will improve your FPS will depend on how much you overclock your GPU? and how much overclock your GPU? is allowed in the first place.

All graphics cards have overclocked limits. The difference is that some have much higher limits than others. I have an EVGA 2070 Super Black Gaming graphics card ( Amazon ), and the standard clocks are much better than my 1070ti ( Amazon ), but I can’t overclock that much. You can get around 35 more frames at best on the new GPU, so it’s not worth wasting your time getting a few more. However, the other EVGA cards are different because they have much higher limits, even in the EVGA 2070 ( Amazon ) family.

Will Overclocking Improve Performance?

It can be a good choice because it provides more wobble space between the maximum and average accelerated temperatures. Many people also choose not to increase the voltage to maximize lifespan. It is actually for peace of mind. Most people get the most out of their GPU and can scale it down anytime they run into future problems. If you’re wondering if overclocking a particular GPU will significantly improve performance, it’s a good idea to find your GPU model and overclock or overclock it.

Reddit results, in general, are full of people willing to try it and give accurate benchmarks and opinions on how useful this is for a particular GPU. I can’t say how much the overclocking is justified for you, but it seems like an unnecessary risk to me. This could shorten the lifespan of my GPU by increasing the average FPS by a few more.


If you are careful about overclocking, you can safely overclock without significantly affecting the lifespan of the graphics card. However, choosing a maximum to overclock with the highest possible voltage and a much higher average temperature than standard can shorten its lifespan. It may not be the end of the graphics card and may not matter to many people. Changing the graphics card often reduces the amount of time it’s seldom used, so a bit of boost is well worth it. However, if you need to keep the graphics card for an extended time, avoid overclocking it.

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