Is Nintendo Switch Worth it?

Is Nintendo Switch Worth it?

Nintendo created the Nintendo Switch, a gaming system that went on sale in most countries on March 3, 2017. It is a hybrid console since it is actually a tablet that can be docked to be used as a home console or carried around for other uses. In addition, its wireless Joy-Con controllers may be attached to either side of the console. Due to such a huge versatility, the Nintendo Switch is a hit among enthusiasts and one of the essential products that the brand has ever created for gaming. 

But some users are worried about is Nintendo Switch worth it since the console is almost five years old. For your information, several other consoles have also been released that may provide a better output. If we compare it with the other currently available gaming systems, it’s quite an underpowered masterpiece for gaming which is not good news. Anyhow, it beats all the current-era consoles with its excellent value and a few other advantages. Let’s look at a bunch of other facts and figures.

What are the Benefits of the Nintendo Switch?

Like other tech masterpieces, Nintendo Switch offers its users a long list of benefits. You may know a few of them, but we will tell you more about the item’s plus points. Some crucial advantages of the Nintendo Switch are given below:


The portability of the Nintendo Switch is one of its best features, unlike the PS5 and Xbox Series X, which are top-tier systems, but difficult to move around. You will need to unhook and reconfigure everything when you get there if you want to transfer them from room to room or even to someone else’s residence. Interestingly, the Nintendo Switch is a handheld gaming device and can be readily docked to a television so that play can continue on a much bigger screen. Even better, you can remove the joy-con controllers, set the console on a table, and play remotely from the screen.

Family amusement

Everyone playing with their own console is another fantastic feature of the Switch. It is wonderful to be able to provide the Nintendo Switch as a diversion because many of us are confined to our homes with kids, and you know how much siblings can quarrel. Moreover, one of the most well-liked cross-platform gaming experiences available right now is Fortnite, which allows everyone to participate without fighting over who gets to use the console and the TV and enjoy their time. 

Cross-Platform and Exclusive Content

Cross-platform playability is another reason to go for this console. The fact that it allows you to play the same game with a friend on a different console. For your information, this feature of the item has drawn a lot of attention from the gaming community. In addition, you get several other good-quality features to help you get the most out of the gaming experience. Such Nintendo games are dedicated to Switch and can be virtually played on other devices. But the condition is those must be compatible with it. 

Play while Travelling

We will eventually return to the daily commute and the hours of 9:00 to 5:00, even though regularity currently seems like a very long way off. The Nintendo Switch provides a way to break up the monotony of long commutes or trips. The Nintendo Switch makes it easier to pass the time on a lengthy flight or travel, whether you’re trying to pass the time on a train or an aircraft. You can pull out your Nintendo Switch and play your favorite games wherever you go, so it really doesn’t matter.

What are the disadvantages of the Nintendo Switch?

Only a few games to play

Video game consoles frequently have too few games available when they first launch. Nintendo is by no means the only offender here. But I held my hope that Nintendo would give the Switch a far stronger launch than the new console did. Although The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an excellent launch title and is the only primary Switch exclusive until Super Mario Odyssey releases in late 2017, it doesn’t help that it’s a launch title.

Expensive to Customize

The Nintendo Switch costs $299, which is not outrageously costly and is a good price for a console. But the console’s price significantly increases once you start adding peripherals. Want to add a Joy-Con Grip for charging? That’s $30. A Pro Controller would be nice for TV gaming but is a stunning $70—more than the price of an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 basic gamepad. It costs $460 plus tax to purchase the system, one game, and a Pro Controller alone. In short, make sure to keep this factor under consideration while buying one. 

Compact Storage

I’m not entirely pessimistic about Nintendo’s decision to limit the Switch’s storage to 32 GB, but I believe it was a grave error on their part. First, Micro SD cards make it very simple to expand the 32 GB. The cost of adding 128 gigabytes is $40, and Micro SD cards are always becoming more affordable. Second, you don’t need to install games that you purchase on cartridges—the Switch’s physical media—to play them. In contrast, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 demand that complete game installations be made from the disc to the hard drive.

Only Microsoft first imposed fees for internet gaming. With the release of the PS4, Sony jumped on board (though the company had offered an optional PS Plus service before this). Finally, Nintendo is entering the race with the debut of a paid online service later this year. This is a horrible idea. Although the specifics of the subscription service are still vague, I can’t help but believe that it will serve as yet another barrier to potential Switch purchasers.

Is Nintendo Switch worth it: Conclude here

The Nintendo Switch is quite an impressive investment even this year since it carries several games with ongoing first-party support. Additionally, you won’t risk purchasing a console that Nintendo will soon replace, as the company acknowledged that the Switch is only halfway through its lifecycle and that the Nintendo Switch 2 won’t be released for at least a few more years. The Nintendo Switch still shines as a terrific portable hybrid. So, the question is, is the Nintendo Switch worth it? Well, Nintendo has crammed everything with excellent exclusive titles and substantial subscription advantages.

But still, there are some downsides to this product as well. It has flaws like the relatively little storage capacity, lack of 4K support, and shoddy network connectivity, according to my information, knowledge, and experience. Although we would prefer if Nintendo released a model with more modern specifications, we are still delighted with the console’s endurance and excellent game selection. With that in mind, regardless of whether the available models appeal to you, we think there has never been a better moment to buy a Nintendo Switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nintendo Switch better than PS5?

Looking at the hardware specification, the PS5 is a way stronger console than the Nintendo Switch. The PS5 has better graphics specifications, output capabilities, and overall features. In short, PS5 isn’t better than Nintendo Switch for playing the latest games at impressive graphics settings.

Are the Nintendo Switches currently available?

No doubt, all three Nintendo Switch versions experienced initial difficulty with availability at the launching time. It frequently happened for the Switch to be entirely sold out at both online and offline stores. Thankfully, the Nintendo Switch supply has returned to normal in recent years. For instance, the PS5 hasn’t been as negatively impacted by the persistent component shortages. Currently, merchants like Amazon carry the Standard Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED for its users.

How many years will the Nintendo Switch last?

Scott stein, an expert tech researcher at CNET, has interviewed Reggie Fils-Aimé, a former Nintendo president. He discovered that the Nintendo Switch will last for at least the next 10 years, up to 2032 easily.

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