Is video gaming a hobby?

In today’s competitive environment, people frequently spend the majority of their time working and have minimal time to do things they enjoy. Though this is far from the case, playing video games is frequently perceived as a mindless and isolating activity. A distinctive and large community exists around video game culture who play different games since these make them happy. But the question is, why? Is video gaming a hobby, profession, or something else? Be with us throughout this post and get your answer in full detail. 

What are video games?

Everyone’s life now revolves around video games, regardless of age. Nearly half of all households in America have one or more gaming-specific personal computers, and the average American home has at least one devoted gaming console. Many kids and teenagers spend a lot of time playing video games these days, but some parents might question if this is suitable. People can inquire, what are video games? Well, video games are just computer or console software programs that can be played.

What qualifies as a hobby in the context of gaming?

A regular activity that one partakes in for enjoyment is referred to as a hobby. When not working or spending time with family and friends, someone who enjoys a variety of activities will frequently engage in those activities. Hobbies, including gardening, cooking, drawing, painting, playing sports, and reading literature, are often affordable. After a long day, they enable individuals to unwind and partake in fun activities. When they are not playing their favorite games, gamers frequently work or spend time with their loved ones.

But what qualifies as a hobby in the context of gaming is that people frequently have favorite games that they choose to play more often than others. Although playing the same game frequently can be termed a pastime, this is not necessarily the case because most people do not exclusively play video games for fun or leisure. These players may even prefer playing video games to hanging out with friends, making gaming their passion. Gamers are able to share both their favorite games and in-game stuff with you.

What are the benefits of playing video games?

People have come to assume that video games have more negative aspects than positive ones throughout time. Although there are disadvantages to gaming, they do not completely outweigh the advantages of gaming in moderation. Gaming is a totally acceptable pastime that can actually help you better yourself. Play is an essential component of human development, and it doesn’t end when we become adults. Through gaming, we can learn a wide range of abilities. Here are some benefits of playing video games:

  • Video game playing can be good for your brain. Yes, you heard correctly. The various difficulties and puzzles in video games can exercise your brain. Regularly performing this exercise can improve your memory, perception, and motor control by increasing the grey matter in your brain. 
  • Additionally, it can boost mental health by increasing brain connectivity and lowering the risk of despair and anxiety. 
  • Improved communication and social skills are also encouraged through gaming. According to the results of previous research, kids who played video games frequently were able to succeed in their social environment. 
  • According to a study that appeared in the Sage Journals, another advantage that could surprise you is the fact that playing video games can actually enhance vision. Gamers are more visually skilled than non-players. When they were playing racing or shooter games, this was evident in their lane-keeping and visual-motor skills.

When does gaming become a bad hobby?

When gaming becomes a bad hobby when it begins to control your life and you neglect obligations in favor of playing games. There are consequences for this kind of conduct, such as losing contact with family members or friends who don’t share your interests. It’s therefore critical to avoid neglecting other facets of life. You must remember that even if they might not be the main priority in your life, they are still important.

Drawbacks to video gaming

One specific issue that is frequently mentioned is the addictive nature of video gaming. Although many might disagree, this is a fact. Gaming is a hobby that might have negative implications when pushed too far, so it’s crucial to avoid this. It’s acceptable if you engage in gaming, but don’t overdo it and maintain other interests as well. It can be called an addiction and should be addressed seriously if you become addicted to video games or if it negatively impacts your life. Some drawbacks to video gaming are given below:

  • Aggressive behavior might be encouraged by video games, especially in young people. Research implies that playing violent video games increases aggressive sentiments, thoughts, and conduct, even if there aren’t many concrete data to support this.
  •  The mental health of an individual may be affected by addiction.
  • The fact that they are unable to quit playing games despite knowing the ramifications for their lives may cause them greater anxiety and depression about what is happening to them. 
  • A recurrent motif in video games is death. Many games allow players to opt to kill other players or non-playable creatures by shooting, stabbing, or bashing them with hammers and bats. 
  •  Professional assistance may be required if someone’s mental health and addiction are a problem.


In conclusion, video games core tenet is to give their users a distinctive experience, not merely through gameplay but also through extras created for the game. Despite the fact that some consider it a hobby, many do not know where the lines are drawn. It’s quite complex to answer is video gaming a hobby but it’s in reality since people like to play games in their spare time. Further, you’re playing games because you love doing so it’s a hobby and can be fun. However, to make gaming a legitimate hobby, make sure to play only when you’re free to not waste your time.

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