Which OS is best for Gaming? Pros and cons

Which OS is best for Gaming? Pros and cons

Any piece of computing hardware related to a computer or some other machine needs software to operate. You can’t expect self-operating hardware without software or an operating system. The CPU or processor is the central brain of the computer, while the operating system or OS is its soul. Apart from that, installing a compatible OS is necessary to support your enthusiasm for gaming, which is a widespread interest nowadays. But since there are many, the users often get confused while selecting one.

This is the exact reason behind writing this post. We have answered all the queries about which OS is best for gaming or other uses. Well, we have discussed most of the famous OSs in this post. But before examining the best operating system for gaming, it is essential to understand some important factors we must look into before purchasing a software system. These features are mostly compatibility, cost, performance, security, and others. You must start by reading the buying guide to know about all such aspects. 

Factors to consider while choosing an operating system

Before approving a specific operating system, the following are some crucial aspects to think about:

  • Stability: The first and foremost important factor to check in any operating system is its stability and speed. Nobody wants an operating system that crashes mid-way or slows down when you’re playing games or doing other tasks. You must go for an OS that operates stable and shows no inefficiency; otherwise, you may have to reboot the unstable system repeatedly.   
  • Check bottlenecks: Gaming is a load-intensive task, and you wouldn’t like to play games on an OS that can’t utilize your hardware’s true potential. This is where the bottlenecks come into play. A CPU often bottlenecks or throttles when it’s not getting proper support from the motherboard, graphics card, or operating system. You must ask some experts or read this post to find an operating system that won’t cause this issue. 
  • Memory optimization: Another factor to consider while selecting an operating system is its memory optimization capabilities. An OS is said to be good at memory management when it can optimally manage the primary memory and different processes related to the memory or storage. Using a system helps us get proper speeds, accuracy, and more. In addition, make sure the OS doesn’t suffer from any type of memory leaks. 
  • Updates: When a company releases its software, it’s not in its best shape or won’t ever be. But whenever a bug is found there, the brand updates it into a reliable version. So, make sure that the OS you’re purchasing comes with updating support for later. This way, you won’t have to worry about coding loopholes and any bugs affecting your computer’s security or performance. 
  • Price: In the end, you have to check the price of the operating system and match it with the bucks you have in your pocket. If you have enough bucks to purchase specific operating software, just go for it. Otherwise, you can choose one from your list with the least price. The thing to remember is that you must have to avoid breaking the bank. You can check some affordable OS from this post so read it.  

What are the top operating systems for gaming?

Three all-time famous operating systems are Windows, mac OS, and Linux. All have specific benefits and disadvantages. Now, we will compare and contrast these operating software and discuss different specifications of this software to find which one is the best.


One of the most famous Windows versions is Windows 10 and 11; Windows 11 is the most recent one. As a result of the upgrade in this OS version, it has a few unique characteristics. For instance, PC gamers get complete controller compatibility, full game connectivity with Xbox LIVE, and more. For people who are new to PCs and PC gaming, Windows 10 is ideal. Since the height of Windows XP, Windows 10 has significantly enhanced almost every aspect of Windows operating systems, making it one of the best Microsoft software ever. 

As game creators want to sell as many copies of their games as they can, this provides Windows a significant advantage in the gaming market. As a result, they often put in a lot of effort to make sure that Windows functions well. Windows, especially Windows 10, is renowned for being user-friendly and lightning-fast. The way things are going, it has been ending up being the standard Microsoft operating system for more than ten years. 


Windows has the highest game and store compatibility than any other operating system

It is the most efficient and consistent performance OS for gaming

It is efficient and user-friendly, even for complete beginners to use


It has several security issues, which are its most significant threats. 

Mac OS

The operating system for Apple products like Macs and MacBooks is called macOS. In the past, mac OS and gaming did not get along, and it was widely believed that any professional gamer would always go for a Windows PC or Linux alternative over an Apple device running mac OS. But things have changed recently, and macOS is now much more friendly to gamers. It provides a fantastic user experience, rising levels of compatibility, and excellent security. 

The main reason why macOS is a wonderful operating system is because it offers a smooth, logical, and user-friendly experience. But when it comes to gaming, that is not the case. Before being released, most AAA games were not specifically created for Apple. Instead, the game’s makers have made a macOS version from Windows. They are rarely updated after being ported. It would be challenging to claim macOS as the best operating system for gaming since many modern programs never see a macOS release.


Mac OS has an excellent user interface even if compared to windows.

It gives peerless protection against malware and other online threats, unlike windows which is prone to several security threats.

It is also excellent for non-gaming applications like photoshopping and other purposes.


It has high hardware and software costs which makes it cost-inefficient.

It generally gives a lack of game compatibility when compared to any other OS.


Even though it technically refers to a variety of operating systems that are all based on the Linux kernel, Linux is another choice to take into account as a gaming OS. Linux is renowned for being free and open-source, which can be attractive; it is also famous for being highly complicated and only appealing to experienced users. The user needs to have a working understanding of the C programming language to use those kinds of adjustments.

Previously, there wasn’t much Linux game support, but things have changed for the better recently. More and more publishers are releasing games for Linux, and the operating system is frequently updated to improve gaming performance. Ubuntu is one of the most well-known Linux operating systems and is gradually gaining ground in the gaming industry. Ubuntu may be the least robust of the three central operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Linux is entirely open-source and free.

It gives a range of options, including Ubuntu and Debian.

It is excellent for experienced users who know how to maximize the OS.


Linux will be difficult for beginners to understand.

It provides a lack of support for platforms and games.


Selecting the correct type of software is crucial for gaming. You must always compare the software you are going to buy with a buying guide to get a complete idea and more clarification. It can also help you buy the best software to enhance your gaming experience. In addition, the compatibility tests are also crucial since they verify a software application’s successful performance across all platforms. It also guarantees that you will have a great experience regardless of the environment you are in. In the end, let’s conclude everything we discussed in this post.

Mac is an operating system that we just cannot advise gamers to use, as it would be much more expensive to purchase an external GPU in order to play any of the more demanding games. You should go toward one of the Microsoft operating systems if you are a devoted player. If you want to play visually stunning games like Death Stranding, Red Dead Redemption 2, and others, this is the operating system to consider. On the other hand, if you prefer casual gaming with a great user experience, perhaps macOS will meet all of your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What OS has the best performance?

The best OS depends on what you’re looking for in a particular operating system. Microsoft Windows is well-known for its utility, faster operations, productivity, and updates over time. But Apple macOS takes some serious advantages regarding the user interface, graphics, and better user experience. On the other hand, Linux is also perfect when it comes to speed.

Is Windows 10 or 11 better for gaming?

Windows 10 is ideal if you’re looking for an updated, versatile, and all-rounder operating system. But if you want to play games plus enjoy the latest functionalities, features, and better user interface, Windows 11 must be your preference over Windows 10. But remember that Windows 11 is recently launched, so it may have some bugs or errors.

Which OS is faster?

Linux is the only name for speedy operations and efficient performance. But it may lag in versatility and gaming acceptability. Suppose gaming is your main concern. In such a case, I recommend you go for Windows 10 or the latest 11 for pretty efficient speeds as Linux but better overall utility.

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