Wired vs Wireless Mouse: Which is better?

by Arslan Ashraf

Wired vs Wireless Mouse: Which is better?

A mouse is one of the most crucial computer components, especially when it comes to gaming. You need an effective and fastest response during the gameplay, so you need an efficient mouse. If we look at the current tech market condition, hundreds of top-tier wired and wireless mice exist. Still, several people are often confused while making a decision between wired vs wireless mouse. No doubt, a wireless mouse gives you freedom from the wire and saves your coffee cup from falling with the wire. 

At the same time, wired mice also have several advantages, like no need for a battery, plus they are available at an affordable price. On the other hand, the wireless mice are a little bit flashier. They are available in many colors and themes and are generally priced higher than wired mice. Well, we are extensively comparing wired and wireless mice in this post. You must read this post until the end to know whether wireless mice are better for gaming or if it’s just a rumor. Let’s dive deep into our topic!

Wired vs Wireless mouse: which is better? 

Undoubtedly, both types of mice have unique advantages over one another. But which one should we choose? Well, it’s basically all about someone’s likings and preferences. Both categories have particular strengths and weaknesses. Especially when it comes to gaming, the mouse’s performance plays a vital role in the overall gameplay, as some games require a mouse for view changing. Due to the advancements in wireless technology, gaming with a wired or wireless mouse is now down to preference. 

There will always be people who prefer wired mice because it gives them a state of peace that comes from the fact that your mouse will never suffer from any connectivity issues. Many people believe that the only difference between wired vs wireless mice is that one uses a cable and the other doesn’t. However, far more things differentiate these two technologies than what’s visible to the naked eye. These things are the essential differentiator between both types—stay with us since we will see each aspect below. 

Wired mouse: pros and cons


Quick response

Zero outer intervention

Usually less expensive than a wireless mouse

Has the highest power input

Better for the gaming experience

The battery is not needed

Preferred by gaming lovers.


The cable may be annoying sometimes.

Sometimes there exists an increase in the price of a wired mouse.

Not preferable for traveling

Wireless mouse: pros and cons


More Versatile


Prime models offer outstanding gaming performance

Much more user-friendly



High bit rate

Interference is an issue

The design is somewhat heavy due to the battery

Usually more expensive

Which mouse is better for gaming, wired or wireless?

Gamers and regular computer users who use special software, including music editing, music production, video editing, or animation, typically prefer a wireless mouse over a wired mouse. The wireless mouse offers you greater comfort than wired mice can’t compete. The reason is that there is no hustle of resolving the tangling of wire, and so no cable drag resistance is there. This freedom in your movement results in smoother, quicker flicks during overall gameplay and lets you focus on the gaming hurdles. 

Moreover, as stated earlier, it’s a matter of personal preference, so some gamers swear by the wireless mouse as they think it’s more stylish. They are produced vastly, and it is very much possible that the computers will be designed with no ports for the conventional wired mouse soon. In contrast, if you’re a user who doesn’t want to regularly maintain their wireless mouse or change its battery often, the wired mouse is perfect for you. Plus, if you properly place the mouse on your desk, the cable won’t tangle much as well. 

How to buy a mouse?

Accuracy casts up whether you choose a wired mouse or a gaming wireless mouse. Certain factors are decisive that you should be in your knowledge. Check all the elements given below before purchasing one. 

DPI: DPI determines the movement of the mouse cursor. A mouse with a higher DPI value is more sensitive and better than one with a lesser value. If we look at current-era mice, you can easily get one with as high as a 10,000 to 20,000 DPI value. But the rule of thumb is to go for one with as high a DPI as possible. 

Polling Rate: The polling rate is defined as the number of times a mouse reports its position to the computer by the time factor of each second. A higher polling rate gives you a better and smooth performance. If you are a gamer, go for a mouse with at least an 800-1000 Hz polling rate to get effective gameplay. 

Mouse vs Touchpad: You can also go for a standalone touchpad instead of getting stuck in a wired vs. wireless mouse situation. The touchpad is very much similar to the one that all laptops offer you. It is not very user-friendly compared to the mouse for those in the editing profession. Still, some users find this more effective to use on a desktop.

Optical vs Laser: The main differentiating factor between the two is that the optical mouse uses an LED to reflect off the below surface and can be used on flat and opaque surfaces. At the same time, the laser mouse utilizes a laser to track the movement and therefore be used on a higher range of surfaces.

Bluetooth vs RF: Both the optical and laser wireless mouse offers you Bluetooth and RF technology. RF may be a little more expensive, but it’s much more effective and worthwhile than Bluetooth, while Bluetooth frees up a USB port, and due to this, it allows you to use your mouse across multiple devices.


Our discussion ended here. We have uncovered everything related to wireless and wired mice, together with the pros and cons of each type. But again, which is better, a wired vs wireless mouse? Well, both kinds of mic have their own utilities and disadvantages. A wireless mouse is perfect for you if you have enough bucks in your pocket and want to keep your desk clean. In contrast, for those who want a quick, affordable option without the hassle of changing cell batteries or charging, a wired mouse is perfect for you. 

Well that said, it’s time to add some more user-based reviews and practical usage preferences in terms of different operations. For gaming and content creation, a wireless mouse is perfect for you if you pay some attention to some factors like DPI, polling rate, and other factors we mentioned in the, how to buy a mouse, section. In contrast, regular users could decide whether they need a wireless or wired mouse as per their needs. But remember, a wired mouse is always perfect if you are afraid of maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a wireless mouse good for gaming?

The short answer is yes. But again, it also depends upon several other factors as well. If you’re a user who is comfortable with the wired mouse, you’re good to go. In contrast, if you don’t want the mouse wire to come your way, a wireless mouse is perfect for you.

How do I connect a wireless mouse?

In Windows, open Settings > go to Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > click Add Bluetooth or other devices to connect the mouse. In the macOS system, click the Apple icon after putting the mouse into pairing mode > System Preferences > Bluetooth

Can I turn a wired mouse into a wireless mouse?

The short answer is yes—you can technically convert a wired mouse into a wireless mouse. But remember the cost of installing the battery cell and Bluetooth adapter sometimes exceeds the price of a new wireless mouse. Plus, the process takes a lot of time.

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