Wired vs Wireless Mouse: Pros and Cons

Over time, the gaming mouse industry has nearly completed its hunt for true gaming perfection. Nowadays, the market is overboard with the variety of mice. But still, there happen to be some individuals that are still confused in the same old situation of wired vs wireless mouse. Basically, it’s all about someone’s own personal likings and preferences. Both the categories have particular strengths and weaknesses. Especially when it comes to gaming, the mouse’s performance plays a vital role in the overall gameplay as some games require a mouse for view changing.

Wired mice are directly connected to the computer, and the overall effect is a bit faster as compared to wireless mice. The quick response plays a role in the increase in their price, so they are relatively more expensive. On the other side, the wireless mice are a little bit flashier and are available in many colors and themes and generally have a higher price than the wired mice.

The article will provide you with an extensive comparison between wired and wireless mice. After reading this, you will have a decent opinion of whether wireless mice are better for gaming. But, before comparing both candidates, we will look into the individual pros and cons of both which are listed below.


Due to the advancements in wireless technology, gaming with a wired or wireless mouse is now down to preference. There will always be people who prefer wired mice because it gives them a state of peace that comes from the fact that your mouse will never suffer from any type of connectivity issue.  

Many people believe that the only difference between wired vs wireless mice is that one uses a cable and the other doesn’t. However, far more things differentiate these two technologies than what’s visible to the naked eye.  Gaming companies have made an enormous evolution in wireless technology to level the playing fields between wireless and wired gaming mice. One of such companies is Logitech. 



Quick response

Zero outer intervention

Usually less expensive than a wireless mouse

Has the highest power input

Better for the gaming experience

The battery is not needed

Preferred by gaming lovers.


The cable may be annoying sometimes.

Sometimes there exists an increase in the price of a wired mouse.

Not preferable for traveling



More versatile


Much more user-friendly

Travel friendly

Prime models offer outstanding gaming performance


High bit rate

Interference is an issue

Usually more expensive

The design is somewhat heavy due to the battery

Is Wired or Wireless Mouse Better For Gaming

Gamers and regular computer users who make use of special software, including music editing, music production, video editing, or animation, typically prefer a wired mouse over a wireless mouse. The reason being that they are much quicker, low maintenance, and specific, the wired mouse would always win out, right? Well, it’s not always the case in this age of smart evolution; these things are something of a rarity. Wireless mice have now evolved so much that latency is on a level with wired mice.

The wireless mouse offers you greater comfort than wired mice can’t compete. The reason is that there is no hustle of resolving the tangling of wire, and so, no cable drag resistance is there. This freedom in your movement results in smoother tracking and quicker flicks during overall gameplay. Moreover, as stated earlier that it’s a matter of personal liking, so some gamers swear by the wireless mouse as they think that’s more stylish.  They are produced vastly, and it is very much possible that the computers will be designed with no ports for the conventional wired mouse soon.

Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Gaming

Usually, most gamers prefer wired mice and keyboards for their normal gameplay. But a pair of wireless mice and a normal keyboard can also be made, which will be an excellent addition to getting a good experience of the game according to your personal preferences. A Wireless mouse will enable you free movement of the mouse and will not consume your time in any procedure of resolving the tangled wire.

What Should be known

Accuracy casts up whether you choose a wired mouse or a gaming wireless mouse. Certain factors are decisive that you should be in your knowledge.


Especially when it comes to gaming mouse wireless, one of the prime factors is DPI (dots per linear inch). The theme is that the higher the value of DPI, the less movement you would have to do to get a cursor movement, which means that the value of DPI is inversely proportional to the movement you have to do for getting the mouse pointer to the desired place. Usually, mice with 10,000 to 20,000DPI values are readily available in the local market. But some mice allow their users to change the value of DPI.

Polling Rate

The polling rate is defined as the number of times a mouse reports its position to the computer by the time factor of each second. The higher the number of polling rates in the gaming wireless mouse, the higher the accuracy will be, and smoother movement will also be.

Mouse vs Touchpad

You can also go for a standalone touchpad instead of getting stuck in a wired vs. wireless mouse situation. The touchpad is very much similar to the one that all laptops offer you.  It is not very user-friendly compared to the mouse for the ones having the profession of editing, but some users find this more effective to use on a desktop.

Optical vs Laser

The main differentiating factor between the two is that the optical mouse uses an LED to reflect off the below surface and can be used on flat as well as opaque surfaces, while the laser mouse utilizes a laser to track the movement and therefore be used on a higher range of surfaces.

Bluetooth vs RF

Both the optical and laser wireless mouse offers you Bluetooth and RF technology. RF may be a little more expensive, but it’s much more effective and worthy than Bluetooth, while the Bluetooth frees up a USB port, and due to this, it allows you to use your mouse across multiple devices.


Both mice (gaming mouse wired and gaming wireless mouse) somewhere suffer from specific problems. However, there exist some typical technical lags (bad tracking, low sensitivity, or stopping of mid-function). But if a final verdict is concerned. So, looking ahead, however, keeping in view all the above discussion, we can probably say that future belongs to the wireless gaming mouse.

Even some of the most wholehearted supporters of the wired mouse also acknowledge this. Technology is brushing up daily, and it seems utterly feasible that wired mice could be placed on the in-danger species checklist in the near future. It is what happens when you keep on improving things, and old things got extinct by the newer versions.

But as far as the present is concerned, the wired mouse is safe and sound for its supporters, with nothing to challenge its supremacy except a young champ which is not that famous yet.

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