Best Dual CPUs Motherboards

Dual CPU motherboards serve users who need extreme power in their hands in demanding tasks. So, today we will talk about the Best Dual CPU Motherboard, its factors, functions, benefits, and guidelines for buyers. But, first, let’s discuss how the two CPUs work on a single PC with only a MOBO? Some CPUs come with cases that support dual CPUs. So, you can easily incorporate the two processors into a single PC. When you use one CPU, after certain usage, it slows down, the other processor comes into action. That’s how both CPUs complement each other and handle extensive tasks.

Both famous brands, Intel and AMD, are working on this new technology and bringing the best one for you. For instance, AMD brings out the Ryzen Thread Ripper that already combines two processors into one system. So, you don’t have to do both a lot in the configuration of two CPUs. On the other hand, Intel comes up with Intel Xeon processors; various boards have enough compatibility.

So, the motherboards supporting two CPUs can help you exceptionally. It is something worth interesting to have for any passionate gamer. The motherboard having dual CPU sockets should be theoretically two times as powerful as a single CPU motherboard. Nevertheless, this system definitely will give gamers the best gaming experience ever.

With two processors, the number of cores and threads will also be doubled. With these powerful cores, the power of computing will be doubled and fulfill all multi-task efficiently. Plus, there will be memory bandwidth too. Upon this, these motherboards have additional RAM slots and memory channels. Also, these boards allow you to insert multiple expansion cards and enhance the RAM capacity(max) to 256GB or above.

Quick Shopping Tips:

Before going through the details of the reviews, please learn about some important factors. So check out the quick shopping tips described below to understand what you should consider before buying a motherboard.

Chipset: While purchasing a dual CPU motherboard, you must consider the accurate chipset. There are a lot of things that depend on the chipset, even the features and stability. If you choose the wrong chipset then it can’t work with your particular CPU. That’s why whenever you go to buy a MOBO please first check the required chipset for the CPU.

Memory: The other significant factor, let me tell you when it comes to dual CPU motherboards, so usually it is embedded with plenty of memory. The reason these boards have to support two processors. So, the RAM slots, Memory Capacity, and other storage capacity will be double than ordinary ones. However, the cheaper dual CPU motherboard also lacks higher memory.

Multi-GPU Support: The graphics are the most impacting factor, especially for gamers and video editors. Therefore whenever you purchase a motherboard, check how many graphics you can insert. The more expansion you add, the more versatile your system will work and respond.

Ports: The motherboard for dual CPUs often comes with most ports. There are double SATA and USB ports normally. Anyhow, some also lack these features. These ports enable you to connect different devices and transfer data quickly. Apart from this, you should also check LAN, M.2, HDMI, and other required ports once.

Socket Compatibility: The dual-CPU you took needs a motherboard that supports the sockets. Sadly, if you choose a board that doesn’t support your CPU’s socket, it won’t work. So, always check out before buying a motherboard, a CPU socket type.

Best Dual CPUs Motherboards at a Glance:

  1. Super Micro H11DSI-NT
  2. ASUS Pro WS WRX80E
  3. ASUS WS C621E Sage
  4. ASUS EEB Power
  5. ASRock Rack Motherboard

The Best Dual CPUs Motherboard You Can Buy Today

Super Micro H11DSI-NT
Super Micro H11DSI-NT (Image credit: Amazon)

Super Micro H11DSI-NT

Best Overall Motherboard for Servers


Brand: Supermicro |  Chipset: System on Chip |  Socket: Socket P |  Form Factor: E-ATX | Memory Speed: 2666 MHz | USB Ports: 6 |  Memory Storage: 2 TB


Eight memory channel

10 SATA ports

Good cooling system

Huge memory support

Ready for Windows 11


Not an energy-efficient

No PCIe 4.0 support

The first motherboard which we will talk about is the powerful Super Micro H11DSI-NT. Due to the durable design and supreme features, many PC enthusiasts choose it. Undoubtedly, the board is more than what an average computer user considers. There are eight memory channels on one socket and more than DDR4-3200. Upon this, the 2TB memory storage provides you with endless memory support.

From the Intel X550-AT2 onboard, the MOBO has two 10GBase-T ports; the TDP becomes higher. Nonetheless, the board was set up with an extra heatsink to cover the heat issues. There are ten SATA ports. The two are SATA-DOM ports, while the four ports of SATA support each processor. The same goes with the slots; the PCIe 3.0 x16/x8/x16/x8 comes from the first CPU while the PCIe 3.0 x8 from the first. Furthermore, there are dual M.2 slots for empowering the SATA and PCIe. The motherboard’s design is quite good as the VRM is placed under a focal heatsink.

So, the airflow in the system has continued to proceed smartly. The board is fitted with full eight 4-pin headers for providing great cooling efforts. In addition to RGB LEDs lights, your system will glow up and shine, among others. The board is fully prepared to empower your PC’s performance while simultaneously showing compatibility with windows 11. Super Micro H11DSI-NT is the Best Overall Motherboard for Servers; it fulfills all your PC’s needs. Consequently, you will be granted excellent graphics, fluent performance, and the fastest speed. Anyhow, the board is expensive and not an energy-efficient tool.

ASUS Pro WS WRX80E (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Runner up Dual CPU Motherboard


Brand: ASUS | Chipset: AMD WRX80 | Socket: AM4 | Form Factor: E-ATX | Memory Speed: 3200 MHz | USB Ports: 14 | Memory Storage: 10 GB


7 PCIe Gen4 x16 support

Premium quality motherboard

Ultra-fast connectivity

WIFI and Bluetooth compatibility


It needs a big liquid cooler

Very Costly

Suppose you find a bigger and wider dual CPU motherboard for pairing with your robust AMD processor. These motherboard users utilize a powerful AMD socket SP3 for their competitive processors. Upon this, the socket is covered with the DIMMs and heatsinks on all edges. Moreover, the socket empowers you to combine CPUs with more than 64 cores and 128 thread CPUs.

Aside from all this, the board has a good memory capacity. It is incorporated with eight memory channels and DDR4-3200 RAM. However, the 10 GB memory storage is less than the board discussed above but not too bad. The board has 16 VRM power phases that enable it to provide enough strength to both of your CPUs. Another good thing is that the MOBO has huge PCIe Gen 4 connectivity, the 7 PCIe Gen4 x16 slots. You can insert multiple graphics cards, storage devices, and NICs, thanks to these slots. There are two USB ports and eight SATA ports.

These eight are divided in a way where four come from the media controller and chipset. The board takes 280 TDP; you need to configure a big liquid cooler for handling such high heat. Anyhow, the DRAM heatsink, M.2 heatsink, and six-pin power connectors along with aluminum VRM are also somehow effective. We include ASUS PRO WS WRX80E as the Best Runner up Dual CPU Motherboard. It is embedded with ultra fast connectivity support such as Type C USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 and two ports. Also, you can use WIFI 6 and 10GB LAN onboard support. Nevertheless, the motherboard is a great assistance as AMD Ryzen threadripper pro for dual Ryzen CPUs.

ASUS WS C621E Sage
ASUS WS C621E Sage (Image credit: Amazon)

ASUS WS C621E Sage

Best Intel Dual CPU Motherboard


Brand: ASUS | Chipset: Intel C621 | Socket: LGA 2066 | Form Factor: EEB | Memory Speed: 2400 MHz | USB Ports: 14 | Memory Storage: 32 GB


USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C

10 SATA and Quad U.2

Multiple-GPU support

Quite affordable


High electronic consumer

No PCIe 4.0 support

Only one M 2 connector

When we talk about Best Dual CPU Motherboard, no one can forget to mention ASUS WS C621E Sage, especially if you are an Intel user. The board has incorporated an extreme power boost that allows you to insert many GPUs without any problem. Due to this power support, along with 12 DIMM slots and four-way multi graphics ability, enable it to deal with intense tasks rapidly.

This board supports Intel Xeon CPUs, built up with the two-way Xeon overclocking ability. So, you overclock your CPU as long as your task goes on. Also, the MOBO is filled with plenty of memory capacity, such as eight-channel memory bandwidth. With this bandwidth, you can insert up to 2 TB of RAM into the system. Plus, the ECC type of memory contains us more efficiently and faster than other ordinary memory kits. Besides, the board is pretty nice when it comes to connections. It has bundles of options such as U.2, USB 3.1 Type-A, and -C. Also, you can use thunderbolt EX3, SATA 6Gb/s, and M.2 connectors.

The ASUS WS C621E sage is embedded with dual ports of gigabit Ethernet ports. The design is super easy as you can easily update the BIOs Flashback. The Asus control center will be there to provide you with quick assistance whenever you need it. If you want a Best Intel Dual CPU Motherboard, then unquestionably, ASUS WS C621E Sage is the most considerable. The board helps you in every possible way, even though it comes at quite an affordable range compared to the competitors. It has seven PCIe x16 expansion slots and no PCIe 4.0. Therefore, if these things suit you, go for it.

ASUS EEB Power (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Budget Dual CPU Motherboard


Brand: ASUS | Chipset: Intel C612 | Socket: LGA 2011 | Form Factor: EEB | Memory Speed: 60 Hz | USB Ports: 14 | Memory Storage: 512 GB


Economic dual CPU motherboard

Quad onboard M.2 slots

14 SATA 10GB/Ps

Power LED Display


Lacks in Aesthetics

Low quality and features

Here, we have another intel-supported motherboard Intel ASUS EEB Power; it is not like other MOBOs we have mentioned. It is the Best Budget Dual CPU Motherboard that many dual CPU buyers can afford. At the same time, it lacks quality and features compared to other high-end dual CPUs motherboards. Anyhow, all the necessary and required things are available in it to support your powerful processors.

Firstly, we will explore the number of slots, which is an important factor. The board has eight-channel memory, which allows you to use up to 512 GB of memory. On the other hand, there are eight DDR4 slots of RAM. The addition of 14 SATA ports with 10/GBPS offers you high data transfer speed. The board has PCIe seven slots. These seven slots enable you to use both AND Crossfire and NVidia SLIE. The board is simple; there are no metal plates and other tantrums, but it rocks with a classic black cover. The motherboard empowers the Intel CPU with most cores and threads among all other Intel families.

Suppose a processor like Intel Xeon E5-2600 V3/V4. It not only supports dual CPUs but also allows you to overclock both of them with a Xeon Turbocharger and AI tuner for overclocking. Hence, the speed and performance of your system will go up 10% more than others. Another tremendous thing that people will love is the USB charger+ port. Thanks to this port, you can charge your smartphone three times more rapidly. ASUS EEB Power fulfills all your needed requirements without any problem. Both of the CPUs will be involved in the process of overclocking to speed up performance. It has good memory support; however, it is simple when it comes to design. There is no RGB lighting and metal plates on it.

ASRock Rack Motherboard
ASRock Rack Motherboard (Image credit: Amazon)

ASRock Rack Motherboard

Best Gaming Dual CPU Motherboard


Brand: ASRock Rack | Chipset: Intel C612 | Socket:  LGA 2011 | Form Factor: EEB | Memory Speed: 1866 MHz | Memory Storage: 6 GB


Five PCIe slots

10 SATA ports

Extremely cheap dual CPU board


Not efficient for high-end processors

Supports DDR3

If your main concern is good gaming, you can go with ASRock Rack Motherboard. It is available at an extremely low price. So, this MOBO is justifiable for many enthusiasts who aim to have high-end gaming with dual CPUs. It belongs to the traditional sort of board that is compatible with LGA2011. Also, the board comes with hyper-threading support.

There are eight memory slots of DIMM that support four RAM DDR3 slots. On this, it offers you memory speed from 1066MHZ to 1866MHZ. So, you can use up to EC 256 GB. The delight part of this unit is the availability of PCIe x4 and 4PCIe x16 slots. You can use two SATA slots having a 6/GBS transfer speed. On the contrary, the other eight SATA ports work with the 3GB/s speed. It also comes with a Gigabit LAN port that has up to 1000MB/s speed along with Dual LAN and Wake-On LAN functions. It is equipped with a thermal sensor header, TPM, and eight fan connector support for controlling thermal issues.

Anyhow, the motherboard has not been made to handle the high-end and most advanced Intel CPUs; however, for Intel 9th generation, it works fine. The users who can’t afford even ASUS EEB Power can go with this cheap price motherboard which is the best gaming dual CPU motherboard. When it comes to gaming, it provides you with brilliant support. The board handles the 8th and 9th Intel processors quite easily but is not highly compatible with the most recent dual processor.


PC enthusiasts who can’t compromise on the quality features and high-end performance must have a Best Dual CPU Motherboard. With these boards, you can work exceptionally well with more storage memory and bandwidth. Some of the dual CPUs even overclock to increase the speed and maintain the system’s proficiency.

In this post, we review five compatible motherboards for dual CPUs. All of them are valuable for their certain features and qualities. No problem, if you are a user of Ryzen or Intel processors, we have suggested a compatible motherboard. If you are an Intel user, then ASUS WS C621E Sage is the best option. However, there are a few others you can go to according to your requirements.

If you want the most competitive AMD Ryzen motherboard, then ASUS Pro WS WRX80E is for you. The people who want a budget-friendly MOBO can go with ASUS EEB Power. So, these are all our one-line easy suggestions for you. Last but not least, Super Micro H11DSI-NT is the most reliable motherboard in every way; thus, we rank it number one. You can take this home without any doubt. Now I believe many things are easier for you and you know what to do—best of Luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a motherboard work with dual processors?

Yes, you can use a motherboard to support two CPUs simultaneously. Dual CPU means double power as the number of cores will be increased. A dual CPU motherboard enables you to perform better multi-tasking and overall computer performance. The bandwidth and PCIe will also be boosted.

What is a dual CPU motherboard?

A double CPU motherboard alludes to a motherboard with two CPUs or processors. As a rule, this kind of motherboard has two CPU attachments to hold the chipsets. And, double processor motherboards as a rule have superior execution (in case not twofold capable) than single CPU motherboard, such as speedier speed.

Is a dual-processor better than one CPU?

The dual-CPU can include a high number of cores and enables you to have better CPU performance. But, the two processors you use must be worth enough; otherwise, there will be only a little difference to single CPU performance.

Are there motherboards that support 2 CPUs?

Yes, there exist such motherboards. In truth, for the individuals that require loads of capacity, a double CPU motherboard may be a great arrangement since it permits for frameworks to fit up to a dozen or more HDDs/SSDs. This seems to increment the capacity up to a few hundred terabytes. This includes motherboards like SUS WS X299 SAGE LGA2066 DDR4 M.2 U.2 X299 CEB Motherboard for Intel Core X-Series Processors with Quad-GPU Bolster, DDR4 4200MHz, Double M.2 & U.2 Back double CPUs.

Is dual CPU better?

The more cores a CPU has, the more errands it can perform at the same time. One core can perform one errand at a time whereas other centers handle other errands the framework allocates. This way, the generally execution is considerably progressed when compared to ancient single-core CPUs.

Can a dual-processor motherboard work with a single CPU?

Yes, all servers’ motherboards made for dual CPUs can also run a single processor. But the only thing you should remember is some board swap the functions, and IO so figure out the position and adjustment for the certain processor.

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