How to Choose Best Motherboard for i5 10400F? [Buying Guide]

How to Choose Best Motherboard for i5 10400F? [Buying Guide]

The Intel Core i5 10400F is a 2020 processor that improves on previous-gen processors with better performance and efficiency. It has 6 cores and 12 threads with a 12 MB Intel Smart Cache. It’s a good balance of features at an affordable price but can’t be overclocked to its full potential as it’s an “F” variant with a locked multiplier. Still, it’s essential to have an excellent motherboard to support it to get the most out of the CPU. 

A motherboard holds important components like CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage and play a pivotal role in the computer’s performance. Therefore, you must know how to choose best motherboard for i5 10400F in order to reach the top-level performance that this processor can provide. Suppose you don’t know the selection process or what to look for in such a motherboard. In such a case, let’s read this article until the end!

Best Motherboards for i5 10400F

Although we’ll read this buying guide to get some help when choosing a well-suited mobo for the Intel Core i5 10400F, it’s good to see some sample motherboards. In such a case, you can check this post on the best motherboards for i5 10400F and get a better idea of what a good motherboard looks like. Moreover, if you don’t have much time, go straight to this article and check the list of motherboards. We checked and tested all the factors before adding them to the list. 

Factors to consider

Here are a few important factors you must consider when choosing an ideal motherboard for the i5 10400F:


When shopping for a motherboard, it’s important to consider its form factor, which refers to its size and shape. This is because motherboards come in different sizes, and not all will fit into every computer case. The most common form factors are ATX, Extended ATX, mini ITX, and micro ATX. It’s important to make sure that it is compatible since If the motherboard is not a good fit, it will be useless. 

This is why it’s important to take the socket measurements of your computer case with you when shopping for a motherboard and to compare these measurements with the motherboard you are considering. This will help you make an informed decision and ensure you purchase a motherboard that will fit into your computer case and meet your needs.


The chipset on a motherboard is similar to a processor, controlling other components’ speed and affecting performance, compatibility, etc. A locked i5 10400F processor requires a motherboard with H410, H470, or B460 chipset, but it cannot use the Z490 chipset’s true potential since its overclocking capability is unavailable. 

Moreover, although it can pair the i5 10400F with a 500-series motherboard, it’s not recommended. Again, the reason is the same, unavailability of overclocking capability. Even if you pair a 500-series chipset, this processor won’t get the most out of it, and you may have to compromise the performance and overclocking. 


After considering the motherboard’s chipset, it’s important to ensure that the motherboard has an LGA 1200 socket compatible with the Intel Core i5 10400F processor. Focusing on a CPU socket is important because it determines the compatibility between the processor and the motherboard. 

The socket acts as the interface between the two components, and if the socket on the motherboard does not match the processor socket, the two components cannot be connected, and the system will not work. Hence, it’s essential to focus on the socket when choosing a processor and a motherboard.


A motherboard is the main circuit board in a computer. It is responsible for connecting all the system components and allows them to communicate with each other. One of the important components connected to the motherboard is memory or RAM. The number of sockets available on a motherboard to accommodate memory modules is a specific feature of that motherboard.

Memory modules or sticks have a limited memory capacity, and the motherboard must be compatible with the type and size of the memory you want. Generally, it’s recommended to have at least 16GB of memory for gaming purposes, as this provides enough resources for smooth performance.

However, as technology advances, you may need to upgrade your memory to accommodate more demanding applications. Therefore, besides ensuring the minimum memory limit, it’s important to check if the motherboard can handle more memory. This means confirming if the motherboard has the capacity to support additional memory modules or larger memory sticks.

Overclocking and Cooling

If you’re into technology, you should understand the connection between cooling and overclocking. As overclocking increases, the cooling also increases. Despite having adequate cooling, every motherboard has limits to how much it can be overclocked. To ensure successful overclocking, you must first ensure that the motherboard maintains proper cooling, either through its design or other means. 

Secondly, choose a motherboard with ample overclocking headroom to maximize the potential for overclocking. Although you won’t band wireless communication options in a locked CPU, this is required if you’re planning to upgrade the processor. But if you want to stick with the i5 10400F, you won’t need to spend extra bucks on a motherboard you can’t truly use.  


The paragraph is saying that when choosing a motherboard, it’s important to check for enough connectivity options, both wired and wireless. The following things should be checked for wired connectivity: enough USB ports, audio jacks, and a LAN Ethernet port for proper functionality. 

For wireless connectivity, ensure the motherboard has WiFi and Bluetooth if these are needed. In other words, checking the number and types of ports and connectors on the motherboard is suggested to ensure they meet your needs for connecting devices and peripherals.

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