Best Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse 2022

A wireless mouse is pretty much like an ordinary one, but it can be connected to the system and operate effectively without using any wire. Keeping the freedom from using cables aside, there is a lot more this one piece can offer, making whole new records of appealing gaming experiences. You can sit with a cup of coffee on the table and do your jobs without worrying about the fall of the cup with the mouse-wire movements. We can do anything we want while sitting on the sofa pleasingly operating the mouse.

Since numerous advanced technologies and advancements have been brought to the mice, we can expect the best value products in the market. These take no time to read your movement and instruction via high-tech sensors and communications protocols; credit goes to the most famous names, Logitech, Corsair, Razer, UtechSmart, and more. All these brands are trying their best to create something that has a longer battery life span and sharp sensations. Moreover, the trend of providing modern designs and a snuggly experience is one of the sky-touching races between all the manufacturers.

We are trying to figure out the latest best budget wireless gaming mouse that can do all types of tasks a gamer may need. Besides the price tag, there are a bunch of other factors we need to consider before buying one. Those factors include mouse buttons, weight, dimensions, and whether it is rechargeable or uses batteries; these factors will define your overall experience with the item. We have added a quick shopping guide to help you out in such scenarios; just scroll down and read.

Quick shopping tips:

Design: What if I say the structure or overall build of the mouse plates a key role in defining your ultimate experience regarding playing games?  Yes, it’s true. When you grip a mouse, it sensates your skin and becomes either comfortable or uncomfortable for you. It’s more precise if you practically grab it and buy it after using the mouse. Further, many have particular structure curves and RGB lighting that can enhance the look if you purchase sophisticated ones.

Can you play games with the mouse?

You can play games with an ordinary mouse, but it is not as convenient as a mouse made particularly for gaming purposes. Since gaming mice use certain buttons that help the gamers use those to supervise the games. As I mentioned earlier, each mouse has certain buttons, and specific games can utilize those. So, you have to ensure that the mouse you’re purchasing comprises those to help you in playing the games you want.

Type of sensor: Every mouse has a specific sensor that detects the mouse movements and helps the system move the arrow or cursor on the screen. There are basically two types of sensors, optical and laser. Choosing a mouse with one depends upon your budget and, most likely, your personal preference. Many users have argued that a mouse with an optical sensor can provide a more efficient sensation and gaming experience. Anyhow, both are good; buy one depending upon your budget.

DPI and CPI: DPI is the number of pixels the cursor can move depending upon the mouse movement. It depends upon the monitor size; if you have a larger screen, ensure the mouse you’re buying enough appropriate or higher DPI. In contrast, CPI is the physical resolution of the sensor used in the mouse, and it supervises the mouse sensitivity. The conclusion is that both DPI and CPI should be large enough to provide a wide sensitivity range.

Best Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse at a Glance:

  1. Logitech G305 Lightspeed
  2. Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless
  3. Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed
  4. UtechSmart Venus Pro
  5. Corsair Katar Pro Wireless
  6. Redragon M801 Wireless
  7. Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse
  8. BENGOO KM-1

The Best Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse You Can Buy Today

Logitech G305 Lightspeed
Logitech G305 Lightspeed (Image credit: Amazon)

Logitech G305 Lightspeed

Best Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse


Brand: Logitech G | Connectivity: USB | DPI: 12,000 | Buttons: 6 | Color: Black



Great price/performance ratio

Onboard memory

Uses Logitech’s best sponsor



A bit heavy

Starting the article with the Logitech G305 Lightspeed, where we’re trying to find out the best budget wireless gaming mouse. It uses an advanced optical sensor by Logitech G and delivers 10x more performance than the previous-generation computer mouses. If we look at the structure, it uses a solid plastic body having an ambidextrous design sculpted over it and is perfect for fingertip grip. Further, this has mediocre size, seeming that it’s effectively designed for the users with small-to-medium-sized hands; if you have larger hands, then keep your hand away from it.

The mouse provides adequate accuracy and high-end performance while maintaining zero acceleration from 200-12,000 DPI; it can also save up to five profiles with five DPI levels. Besides the sensor’s reading capability of up to 400 inches/s, other specs include a 1000MHz polling rate, 1ms of report rate, adjustable CPI rate, and a G-shift button for enabling six full-programmable buttons via software. To power this non-rechargeable mouse, a AA battery is given that can last a minimum of 250 hours. Interestingly, we can charge the battery outside the mouse using any other source.

The Logitech’s Hero sensor is an iteration of the all-time favorite, the G502 model sensor. Moreover, the mouse uses a USB receiver to coordinate with the system, plus this wireless dongle can be stored under the palm rest panel. I think it’s the best affordable wireless gaming mouse since it has everything you may need at an affordable price point. However, there are some downsides to the product as well. It uses a non-premium wheel and buttons compared to the G502, small-sized but heavy and imperfect for longer hands.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless
Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless (Image credit: Amazon)

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

Best Budget-level RGB  Wireless Gaming Mouse


Brand: Corsair | Connectivity: USB | DPI: 10,000 | Buttons: 6 | Color: Black


Longer battery life

10,000 DPI sensors

Bluetooth or dongle connectivity

Six programmable buttons


No onboard memory

We already know Corsair for making computer hardware components with eye-catching looks and attractive RGB lighting. You can see the same glimpse of stunning accent along with small and well-managed aesthetics with the Corsair Harpoon RGB wireless mouse. It comprises a fully controllable grip to help effectively target during gameplay wherever immediate actions are needed. We can use a 2.4GHz wireless dongle or Bluetooth to connect it with gaming PCs or laptops. In short, it has a wide set of usage options helping the buyer in customization.

It is fascinating how the brand has managed to install so many features into a very low-priced mouse. If we talk about the power design, one full charge can last for 50-60 hours, and we then have to recharge it again or use a USB port for power. Some people were saying it less, but it’s understandable when there is RGB lighting on. The mouse is packed with 10,000 DPI sensors, Omron switches for up to 50 million clicks, and six programmable buttons. When we see all of this with a perfect performance-to-price ratio, we must have to say it is the best budget-level RGB wireless gaming mouse.

The manufacturer has broken the design limit while designing the product and offers a very eye-catching mouse. It has a very compact size decorated with a classic black design, so it could be a perfect option to pair with all-black systems. The cherry on the top is the RGB lighting feature, and you can see RGB lighting on the logo, rear side, and also on the CPI switch button. Moreover, the item has a pre-installed RGB sensor supervising better lighting, unusual attraction, and a classic look of the mouse.

Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed
Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed (Image credit: Amazon)

Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed

Best Budget Ergonomic Wireless Gaming Mouse


Brand: Razer | Connectivity: Bluetooth | DPI: 16,000 | Buttons: 6 | Color: Black


Tough build

Five custom DPI levels

Six programmable buttons

Dual-mode connectivity


Not too much customizable

The Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed is not only affordable but a killer mouse in terms of looks and performance. It is a pocket-friendly variant from the Razer Basilisk family of computer mice with efficient cursor landmarks and brilliant performance that mostly comes with premium elements. If you compare it with the other mice with a similar budget, this mouse can give you 20-25% more speeds and tracking efficiency. Besides all those good points, you can’t customize this mouse, and it could be a downside for self-sculpted users, who like everything self-built.

When we talk about the buttons given on the mouse for gaming purposes, there are two thumb buttons on the left side of the mouse supporting 50 million clicks. Further, the other six extra programmable buttons can be customized with Razer Synapse 3 hardware. Other features include 16,000 DPI sensors, five custom DPI levels to adjust the sensitivity, Razer 5G advanced optical sensor, 40G of acceleration, tracking speed up to 450 IPS, and more. It has pretty much everything to be the best budget ergonomic wireless gaming mouse.

For connectivity purposes, the mouse features dual-mode connectivity with a 2.5 GHz of HyperSpeed wireless connection and Bluetooth; it looks like icing on the cake, yes it’s. The AA battery can power up the mouse for 285 hours on HyperSpeed mod and 450 on Bluetooth mode. The Basilisk X HyperSpeed presents a sleek and modern design similar to the other mice from the family. Build-wise, it is made of plastic and has a sleeping surface, thumb grip, and angular front.

UtechSmart Venus Pro
UtechSmart Venus Pro (Image credit: Amazon)

UtechSmart Venus Pro

Best Budget MMO Wireless Gaming Mouse


Brand: UtechSmart | Connectivity: Bluetooth | DPI: 16,000 | Buttons: 16 | Color: Classic Black


Well-built mouse

16 programmable buttons

Customizable RGB lighting

Rechargeable battery


High click latency

The UtechSmart VENUS Pro is an excellent tech piece that sits comfortably between the fingers of the right hand, being a right-handed shaped mouse. Since its width and bottom placement allows it only for medium-to-large hands, small-handed users can choose others from this list. As far as comfortability matters, you will enjoy thumb rest, grippy textured surfaces, well-placed bottom, and some other features made for users’ untired experience. We have felt some rattling sounds during our testing sessions when shaking the mouse, but this wouldn’t be an issue during normal usage.

If we check the features and specs, it wins the best budget MMO wireless gaming mouse title. It has a PixArt PMW3335 ultra-precise Optical sensor, a maximum DPI of 16,000 ranges from 100-16,000 with five DPI switchable stages, and a 1000 Hz pulling rate. A higher number of DPI sensors permits us to customize the sensitivity; on top of that, wide-range CPI further enhances the effectiveness. All these are adequate to experience MMO and FPS gaming with an exciting level of joy.

The mouse is rechargeable, and the battery can be charged up to 1000mah of power capacity to give 70 hours of battery life. Since it carries RGB lighting as well, so, such backup timing is pretty impressive. Moreover, there are a total of 19 buttons, out of which 16 can be programmed; only two CPI buttons and up-down scroll wheel input is non-programmable. If we light up the mouse, you get RGB lighting in the scroller, backside logo, in buttons, and at the front of the mouse. You must enjoy the RGB lighting along with the easy-peasy customizable accent of the mouse.

Corsair Katar Pro Wireless
Corsair Katar Pro Wireless (Image credit: Amazon)

Corsair Katar Pro Wireless

Best Budget FPS Wireless Gaming Mouse


Brand: Corsair | Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi | DPI: 10,000 | Buttons: 6 | Color: Black


Comfy design

Lightweight structure

Dual-mode connectivity

Low latencies


No RGB lighting

If we simply define the Corsair Katar Pro wireless, it’s a perfect combination of clean design, comfortable experience, customization, and innovative design. On the list of affordable mice, this is the most affordable item you will ever get with all-new features. It seems Corsair has not broken its usual design scheme, and this mouse perfectly follows all the rules with a comfy structure. As there is no RGB lighting, the mouse has to dominate the market and win the customers’ hearts purely with its attractive design.

Further, the performance benchmarks are enough to predict that you will enjoy an appealing MMO experience and FPS gaming with an ultra-edge performance. It is entirely valid to call it the best budget FPS wireless gaming mouse. If we take a blink of the specs chart, the Katar Pro wireless comprises 10,000 DPI sensors, a 1000 Hz polling rate, and six programmable buttons. The card is made of plastic and has 96 grams of weight, and it comes between the heavy and lighter computer mice.

You can use a 2.4 GHz Slipstream connection, a USB-A dongle for faster coordination, or a Bluetooth feature to get mediocre speeds. It is powered by a AA battery that can last for at least 135 hours, plus there is a tiny light indicator to show battery status. In short, everything we have discussed above regarding Katar Pro wireless indicates that it’s a no-nonsense gaming mouse. Just a simple built grown with high-end detection and precision to impress the budget-conscious users; we strongly recommend it.

Redragon M801 Wireless
Redragon M801 Wireless (Image credit: Amazon)

Redragon M801 Wireless

Best Budget Redragon Wireless Gaming Mouse


Brand: Redragon | Connectivity: USB | DPI: 16,000 | Buttons: 9 | Color: Black


PixArt PMW3335 optical sensor

Anti-Skid scroll wheel

Adjustable weight

Macro recording


Inferior tracking power

Radeon is a very famous hardware components manufacturer from America, manufacturing a lot of products for various brands. With the production of Redragon M801 wireless, the brand has proven its identity for providing its users with high-quality products with affordable price tags. If we conclude every aspect of the product in one line, it’s a perfect mixture of color modification, flexible sensitivity, weight adjustment choices, some additional buttons, an attractive look, and more. In short, it has pretty much every feature and specification you may need when targeting your competitor while playing games.

Let’s take a look at the specification sheet. The mouse has a PixArt PMW3335 ultra-precise Optical sensor, which mostly comes in flagship mice, 16,000 user-adjustable DPI sensors,  and 40G acceleration. There are a total of 9 programmable buttons, two buttons on the side, one Rapid Fire button, and an Anti-Skid mouse wheel. Moreover, there are durable, smooth TEFLON feet pads and six detachable feet (can be used to adjust the weight).  

The brand has really done tons of hard work to make it the best budget Redragon wireless gaming mouse. It is rechargeable and can last up to 70 hours without turning RGB lighting on, and it can power for 35 hours without lighting. As far as the RGB matters, you can switch between eight lighting effects, ten brightness levels, and even backlight can be turned off in breathing mode. Many customers considered that the mouse had a flimsy construction since the whole structure was plastic. If this is not a big issue for you, just go and purchase the mouse.

Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse
Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse (Image credit: Amazon)

Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best Budget Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse


Brand: Razer | Connectivity: Wireless | DPI: 16,000 | Buttons: 7 | Color: Chroma RGB


Reliable sensor

Great performance

Attractive aesthetics

All-rounder performance


Poor grip for sweaty hands

If you’re in the market and trying to discover a budget-friendly mouse, then no look around when you can own the Mamba Wireless Gaming mouse. It is a perfect combination of affordability and performance with a high DPI ceiling and accuracy during gaming sessions. On top of that it has RGB lighting, which allows us to customize the look since we can change the lighting in the logo, rearm, and mouse scroll wheel; there is a light switch button to change the effects. You must consider it for perfect functionalities without sicking your wallet.

This best budget wireless gaming mouse offers 16,000 DPI sensors to ensure outstanding sensitivity split into 5 DPI levels. Other than that, you can regulate the DPI with the help of two buttons on the top side of the item. The polling rate is adjustable at 125Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz. As you can see, so many customizations allow us to make it exactly according to expectations without ruining its speed, sensitivity, and more. Since the item is rechargeable, we can use its 900mAh battery to provide us 50 hours of long-lasting time while the RGB lighting is on. Other specs include 20G acceleration, high-accuracy Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor, and 1ms game delay.

The mouse comes in two variants, wired and wireless which is one we’re discussing. To connect it wirelessly, you can use its 2.4GHz USB Type-A dongle connection. The conclusion is that the mouse has wide-range customization with high-end performance and is the best budget rechargeable wireless gaming mouse. In terms of design details, it has a very gaming-friendly design with ergonomic curves and sharp angles and is not too flashy. Being medium-sized, it can fit both bigger or larger hands. The brand has tried its best to introduce us to an excellent gaming mouse but its poor grip in case of sweaty hands is a downside to the item.

BENGOO KM-1 (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Budget Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse


Brand: BENGOO | Connectivity: USB | DPI: 800/1600/3200 | Buttons: 6 | Color: Multi


Very light

Three adjustable DPI levels

Great for bigger hands

Excellent experience


Not for smaller hands

BENGOO isn’t as famous as Corsair or Logitech is, but it has the BENGOO KM-1 mouse with seamless and ultra-fast connectivity. Most importantly, it can be connected with a wide range of systems like MacBook, PC, Laptop, Computer, and the list keeps going. We have asked practical users, they all are quite happy with its ultra-edge performance and high-end sensitivity. It seems the brand knows that many users often face difficulty when sliding the mouse on the table while targeting certain spots during gaming sessions. As this is the best budget lightweight wireless gaming mouse, your hand will not feel it moving. 

The mouse has a maximum of 3,200 DPI sensors split into three adjustable DPI stages 800, 1600, and 3200. We can easily control the speed with the help of flexible buttons. Let me add there are a total of six buttons on the mouse: left, right, forward, back, DPI, and scroll wheel. For connectivity purposes, A USB receiver has to be plugged into a USB port, and then we can utilize 2.4G wireless technology that offers a stable connection and adequate precision. Remember to keep the mouse within 10 meters to avoid losing the connection.

We haven’t tested the battery life of this best budget wireless gaming mouse, but the brand has mentioned it’s going to be very impressive along with fast-charging capability. If we talk about the design, it uses a lightweight honeycomb shell design inspiration which is known for several positive aspects. Like, it can provide advanced ventilation keeping your palm cool as well as the mouse’s internal components. Besides the comfort and less weight, Chroma RGB lighting can be adjusted with the help of an LED button; repeatedly pressing the button changes different light effects.


It doesn’t seem like the mouse can directly impact the gaming efficiency but it’s not that a valid argument. We literally use the mouse to focus and target certain spots with the help of this element. No doubt, the use of a mouse directly affects the overall gaming experience; hence, it’s crucial to find the best one. Since the market is full of thousands of mice, then you must look at numerous factors to choose one. We have added a full-length quick shopping guide immediately after the introduction section which can help you a lot.

Interestingly, the major part of making a choice depends upon your personal preferences. Many users were asking for the best budget wireless gaming mouse; don’t worry since the problem has been solved. If you have a motherboard, graphics card, and everything full of RGB lighting, you must choose a mouse with RGB lighting. The lighting is only one part of the personal preferences. We have tried our best to add at least one best-suiting mouse for every user. Moreover, there are eight mice in this post, so go and check all the products on this list and choose one according to your requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best affordable gaming mouse?

The Corsair Katar Pro wireless is the best affordable gaming mouse, which you must buy if you have a tight-pocket budget. It has a very beautiful and comfy design with a lightweight build. Since it features dual-mode connectivity, you use either dongle or Bluetooth to connect it with the system.

How to choose a wireless gaming mouse?

Let me clarify that the choice majorly depends upon your personal preferences. However, there are many other factors that can help you in choosing a perfect fit for your system. Those factors include design, DPI level, sensor accuracy, buttons, and more. For more information, you must read our buying guide section. 

How does a wireless mouse connect to my PC?

There are two ways that are mostly used to connect a wireless mouse to the system: Bluetooth and USB dongle. Since the technologies are improving day by day, numerous other ways have also been introduced to perform the task. 

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