Best Wireless Mouse for Laptop 2023

Best Wireless Mouse for Laptop 2023

Can we operate a computer without a mouse? Yes, we can do so by using the keyboard buttons, which is limited and annoying. At precisely this spot, a mouse comes into play. In the previous years, the technologies have been improving, and now the wired mice have been replaced by wireless mice since these carry a bigger number of benefits. Now you don’t have to worry about the mouse wire that often throws your thing down from the table or distracts you while playing the games. The best wireless mouse for laptop can help you overcome all the issues caused by a wireless mouse. 

Besides that, a cable-less mouse showcases a clean-of-clutter workstation with no wires catching the attention. Numerous other advantages are related to wire-free mice, including reliability, accuracy, speed, stable connectivity, and even extraordinary battery life that can last longer than months. You will feel free to track your target when playing games or moving the models in 3D rendering. According to my team, you must invest some bucks into this component if you’re a high-end gamer or serious content creator. 

Many brands have been producing these masterpieces Logitech, Corsair, Razer, UtechSmart, and more, and some have been doing it for over a decade. Due to their continued hard work, the technologies are improving daily, and it’s becoming hard to understand some related terminologies for ordinary users. Before picking one, remember there is a lot to know before throwing yes to an item. This is the reason why we have written this article. We have added everything you need to know before purchasing a wireless mouse, plus tested and reviewed many in this port. Let’s explore this article!

Quick shopping tips

Usage: The market is full of wire-free mice, and every mouse is not for all users since it is made for specific needs. If you are an ordinary user who doesn’t play games but does just normal internet surfing, you can work out with a simple mouse with two left/right buttons and a scroll wheel. In contrast, gamers often need extra buttons, and some mice fulfill their needs by having more buttons. You must buy one precisely according to your needs and requirements. 

Battery life: Since a wireless mouse carries no wire, it would have some built-in power source. The source may be a rechargeable or an AA/AAA cell battery. Whatever it is, you have to ensure it can last good days, so you don’t have to worry about charging or replacing the cell again and again. The following factor is entirely biased according to the user, and you must decide how much span you want. 

Design and Grip: The design and grip of the mouse design define the user’s overall experience with the product since its place is in the user’s hands. If you buy a mouse that is uncomfortable to hold or doesn’t allow wet hands to grip it properly, it will not effectively work out and will make you tired. It is better to select a mouse by reading its users’ feedback and checking whether they are happy with the comfortability aspect or not.

DPI and CPI: These terms relate to a mouse’s built-in functionalities and abilities. DPI is the number of pixels the cursor can move, so if you have a larger monitor with a higher resolution, make sure the mouse has a higher DPI. On the other hand, CPI defined the physical resolution of the sensor and indicated the mouse sensitivity. Remember, the higher the DPI and CPI values, the better the mouse performance.

Why should you trust us?

At GamingDairy, one thing that we know better than anything else is that transparency is key. We’re entirely focused on truthful knowledge in every experiment we conduct, every bit of information we collect, or interview some tech industry experts. Although we reviewed several tech products from tens of brands, we try our best to showcase whether those marketing lines are genuine or just a rumor. Therefore, presenting practical experience regarding any product is our priority. 

We test processors, graphics cards, motherboards, RAM kits, CPU coolers, laptops, and other PC peripherals to ensure that every tech enthusiast gets what he needs. No brand can buy our recommendations. Instead, we have a team of expert testers and reviewers whose duties are to practically test every item that we get from the brands or purchase from the market and test to prove its validity and utility. In addition, we also mention the ideal users’ spot for every item, along with all possible pros and cons. 

Moreover, we don’t forget modern inventions too. This is why we have created a separate news category to ensure that the readers are up-to-date with everything happening in the tech field. Suppose you’re a guy who is related to the tech field and wants to know everything before creating their next computer. In such a case, you must scroll to the latest news to carry on things. We also know that everybody often faces some issues with their computing machines. All types of guides are on this platform.

As I mentioned, we test all types of PC components and peripherals to give the users some truthful information. You can see the same thing in this article. We tested several but reviewed a few perfect products that met our standards. If you want a high-end mouse with all the current-era features, we have the Lenovo Go Wireless Mouse for you. On the other hand, you can go for the Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse, which is a satisfying staff choice. But the VssoPlor 2.4G Slim Portable is for budget-conscious users.

The Best Wireless Mouse for Laptop You Can Buy Today

Lenovo Go Wireless Mouse

Best Lenovo Wireless Mouse for Laptop

Lenovo Go Wireless Mouse
Lenovo Go Wireless Mouse

Blue optical sensor

Tri-mode DPI settings

Dual-mode connectivity

Dual-mode charging


Uncomfortable in palm and fingertip position

Lenovo has not had a significant market share in manufacturing advanced PCs and laptops but also the other computer components. The Lenovo Go Wireless Mouse is a perfect example showcasing the brand’s mastery, especially in putting advanced technologies into beautiful hardware. It is small and can be an ideal combo for smaller hands. You can comfortably use it in the claw position but not in the palm and fingertip style. Overall, it has everything to be declared the best Lenovo wireless mouse for laptop.

There are seven buttons for numerous purposes, including left click, right-click, scroll wheel, switchable device button, pairing button, on/off switch and one multi-function button. The mouse’s engine comprises a Blue optical sensor for multi-surface tracking, along with three adjustable DPI modes, 800, 1600, and 2400 DPI settings. You can check some button combinations on the official website and use those to perform many exciting functions like volume adjustment, opening Microsoft Team app, and more.

You can supervise up to three devices with the help of this one — one via a USB Type-C dongle hidden under the cover and two with a Bluetooth 5.0 connection. The switchable button on the top of the mouse can be used to alter the device control. Most importantly, it offers dual-mode charging, one with a direct USB-C cable connection and the second by placing the mouse on any Qi wireless charger. The battery will be fully charged in 2 hours and will last for 2- 3 months.

Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse

Best Microsoft Wireless Mouse for Laptop

Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse
Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse

Minimalistic design

Thin structure

Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity

Microsoft BlueTrack Technology


Uncomfortable rectangular shape

Who doesn’t know about Microsoft? It is always known for being extremely dedicated to improving the user experience. Whatever comes under the umbrella of this brand, the first aspect you’ll notice is the fantastic and unique design. The Microsoft Modern Mobile mouse follows the same ritual and comes with a sleek in-style design and the freedom to choose from eight colors. It’s the thinnest mouse on our list, and due to this factor, it becomes the best mouse for travel, style, ease of use, and lightweight experience. 

The mouse has five buttons: left key, right key, scroll wheel, clickable wheel or middle button, and power button. Since the mouse doesn’t have extra buttons and even the wheel isn’t tiltable, you can expect it for regular use. Other than that, the Microsoft BlueTrack Technology is very effective in terms of sensitivity and efficient movement detection, making it the best Microsoft wireless mouse for laptop. Moreover, it has a minimum of 400 DPI that can be increased up to 1800 DPI units which is way more than the mice that fall in the productivity-focused category. 

Unlike most mice, Microsoft focused on dongle-free connectivity and gave Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity with a 2.4GHz wireless frequency range in this mouse. Unless you’re within 10 meters from the system, you can use it sitting on the sofa without worrying about performance. You can put two AAA batteries into the mouse that can last for 12 months. Overall, it is an excellent element, but you may feel the rectangular shape of the mouse is slightly uncomfortable. 

VssoPlor 2.4G Slim Portable

Best Office Wireless Mouse for Laptop

VssoPlor 2.4G Slim Portable
VssoPlor 2.4G Slim Portable

Sleek design

Unique scroll wheel

Intelligent sleep mode

Best for office use


Limited features

VssoPlor is not that famous in the market. Still, anybody who has bought its products has optimistic thoughts about the brand. If we try to assume the brand by looking at the VssoPlor 2.4G Slim Portable, it knows that the customers want attractive hardware powered by great features and software. The mouse uses a very compact and sleek design that not only everyone’s eyes but also feels pretty decent in hand. If you place this best office wireless mouse for a laptop on your desktop, your co-worker may ask you where to buy it. 

The hardware comprises the soft upper build, which feels very handy to the hand, plus you would like to touch it again and again. There are three buttons, the right key, the scroll wheel, and the left key. Interestingly, the scroll wheel is not the simple one that is primarily seen in every mouse, but it’s a tiny ball-shaped wheel that looks very beautiful when operating. The 1600 DPI units make the mouse very sensible in detecting movement, plus the sound-less clicks will never distract you. 

To connect it to the system, you have to use a 2.4GHz USB nano-wireless receiver that comes in the box. Make sure that you keep the mouse within 15 meters radius of the system receiver; otherwise, it’ll disconnect. Moreover, there is only one socket to accommodate an AA battery to power up this best wireless mouse for laptop. On top of that, the intelligent sleep mode helps the mouse to shut down temporarily and the battery to last longer. 

Logitech M720 Triathlon

Best Wireless Mouse for Laptop

Logitech M720 Triathlon
Logitech M720 Triathlon

Perfect for larger hands

Comfortable and well-built

Dual-mode scrolling

Support three pairs

Enough mappable buttons


No extra feet

The Logitech M720 Triathlon is an excellent mouse featuring everything for professional and office use. If we compare it with the Logitech Precision Pro, both are identical with some color differences. Since the mouse has an ook mic shape with thumb rest, you can hold it for longer periods without feeling tired in your hand. Note that this can be a perfect choice for users who have large hands and want to fit in a full-sized mouse comfortably. 

It is the best wireless mouse for laptop since it holds everything a user may need to keep going with the workflow. The high-precision optical sensor works effectively with 1000 adjustable DPI levels enhancing the sensitivity. Two ways can be used to connect it to the system, a 2.4GHz USB nano receiver for wireless connection and  Bluetooth based on low-energy technology. Remember, the USB receiver can fit into the battery socket, plus the tested wireless range is about 10m, but it can vary depending upon the environment and computing conditions. 

Interestingly, it can be paired with up to three PCs or other devices simultaneously, and we can choose the operant using three buttons on the side. Moreover, we can determine the smooth or clicky scrolling modes as the Logitech 2S allows the user to play with it. Besides that, the mouse is not rechargeable, so we have to use an AA battery that can last for two years. You will not see any extra feet and even no third-party ones. Overall, it gives a full bang for your bucks.

Logitech Wireless Mouse M525

Best Travel Wireless Mouse for Laptop

Logitech Wireless Mouse M525
Logitech Wireless Mouse M525


Perfect for smaller hands

Great design and grip

Two AA batteries last for two years

Easy to carry


Low polling rate

Fixed CPI

The Logitech M525 wireless mouse is a budget mouse carrying a simple and sleek design for everyday use like home and office uses. Since it’s not for gaming or heavy-duty use, it doesn’t have a thumb rest, side buttons, or other flashy things. The smaller size and portability aspects of it not only makes it the best travel wireless mouse for laptop but also a perfect combo for smaller hand users. Its ambidextrous design, rubber grip, and rubber wheel make it extra comfortable to hold for longer periods. 

Both right-handed and left-handed can go for this mouse and perform everything perfectly without worrying about performance. You can flow through the web pages with high speed and accuracy, plus the tilt wheel allows easy horizontal side-to-side scrolling. It uses a smooth optical sensor with 1000 DPI levels. However, it has an unadjustable DPI, a meager polling rate, a fixed CPI, and low click latency, but ordinary users will not find any lag. You can connect it with up to six devices simultaneously, but it’s not easy to swap between them. 

For connectivity purposes, it doesn’t have dual-mode connectivity since it lacks Bluetooth. Still, the USB receiver operates fine and starts working in seconds, and it can be paired with macOS, Windows, and the Chromebook 3. Remember, the receiver can provide strong signals within 10 meters of range depending upon the environment and computing conditions. The mouse uses two AA batteries that will let it use for up to three years of massive time.

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless

Best Lightweight Wireless Mouse for Laptop

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless
SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless


Ambidextrous shape

Solid wireless connection


Slight wake-up lag

The trends of sculpting something unique and modern keep evolving with time, and every brand keeps trying new and new into its products. The honeycomb design has become a sensation among enthusiasts in the mice field, and the SteelSeries Aerox 3 follows the same design. It has only 68 g of weight, which makes it the best lightweight wireless mouse for laptop and the best mouse to help in quick movements. The mouse’s circuit contains re-engineered electronics fitted over ultra-thin PCB, offering more stability.

If we look at the mouse’s main engine, it uses a pixel-perfect TrueMove Air optical gaming sensor with 18,00 CPI, 400 IPS, and 40G optical sensor. You can undoubtedly enjoy the fastest swipes while delivering enormous speeds and accuracies when milliseconds are counted. Regarding connectivity, it offers the same dual connectivity that most current-era mice offer, containing a 2.4GHz wireless receiver and Bluetooth 5.0 connection. 

Some other essential features include 80M clicks and IP54-rated AquaBarries technology for protecting the mouse from dust, water, oils, fur, and everything that may enter it. There is a USB Type-C port for fast charging, and a single charge can last for 200 hours in RGB lighting mode. Also, when the RGB lighting is running, and its rays are coming out of the honeycomb structure hole, it wins every enthusiast’s heart. In short, nothing is left behind that is not given in this mouse, so you must go for it.

HP Spectre Rechargeable Mouse 700

Best Hp Wireless Mouse for Laptop

HP Spectre Rechargeable Mouse 700
HP Spectre Rechargeable Mouse 700

Decent look

Four-way scrolling

Excellent performance


Pricey for some users

HP is the most famous brand among tech enthusiasts, and it has covered a significant market share. The HP Spectre is a high-end laptop series with many advanced features, and most importantly, it rocks a dark ash silver accent with an orangish color finish. If we take a look at the HP Spectre Rechargeable Mouse 700, it is a perfect combo for the laptop series with the same accents. Besides that, you can use it for office jobs with its compact design, precise performance, and extreme versatility. 

The design looks premium, made in oval form, and an orangish line splits the mouse in two halfways. It uses Laser Sensor for superb movement detection, accuracy, and performance, along with 1200 DPI units so you can zip quickly across multiple windows and do required customizations. Interestingly, the mouse provides a four-way scrolling facility in up, down, left, and right directions to navigate extra-large images and spreadsheets effortlessly. 
The brand has tried very hard to win the title of the best hp wireless mouse for laptop by installing everything a user may need. You can utilize a USB dongle and Bluetooth connectivity options to connect it to the system. On top of that, the mouse can concomitantly supervise up to four systems within 10 meters range, one with the dongle and the other three via Bluetooth connection. It has a rechargeable battery that can be charged with a USB cable and lasts up to 11 weeks, depending on some user-based conditions.

Razer Pro Click

Best Pro Wireless Mouse for Laptop

Razer Pro Click
Razer Pro Click

Comfortable to use

16,000 DPI units

Adjustable polling rate

8 programmable buttons

Paired with four devices


Not for gamers

NO software support for macOS

The Razon Pro Click is an outstanding gaming mouse for right-handed tech users with well-built hardware and ergonomic design. You can consider this stunning feature-rich masterpiece if you’re a content creator, video editor, or graphics designer. Why not add our practical experience with the mouse? Overall, any person can use this item regardless of his hand size, but you may not be able to reach all the buttons with a fingertip grip if you have a small-medium-sized hand. Besides that, the palm grip and claw grip can suit every user without any issue. 

You can customize the eight fully-programmable buttons depending on your personal preferences and usage. The main engine runs around an Optical Sensor with 16,000 maximum DPI sensors, adjustable polling up to 1000Hz, 450 IPS full speed, and 40G maximum acceleration. Further, the buttons are very comfortable to use with satisfactory sound-less clicks. Still, we can’t tilt the scroll wheel for horizontal scrolling — such massive customizations are why this is the best pro wireless mouse for laptop.

Since the mouse is made for professionals and productive people, how can the brand forget about the multitasking needed in these tasks? Hence, the mouse can operate up to four devices simultaneously, one with the wireless USB receiver and the other via Bluetooth — you can switch between the devices with a switchable mouse. The battery can last 16 days in Bluetooth mode and 8 days on a 2.4GHz wireless connection on one full charge. Remember, gamers must keep away from this mouse since it is heavy to do so and may not have enough buttons for some MMO players.


A wireless mouse doesn’t directly affect the work we are doing on the monitor when we can do the same with a wired one. However, it dramatically impacts the user experience when operating the mouse. Wireless mice have become a trend, and these have evolved technologies installed in them. You will be able to find numerous way more advanced wireless mice than wired ones. It has become necessary now to invest in the best wireless mouse for laptop for several reasons. 

However, the tech market is full of hundreds of mice from tens of brands, and it is not that easy to spot a perfect pick. Don’t worry when this post can help you out throughout the process. The article has eight mice for possibly every user despite the nature of the needs. We have tried our best to put at least one best deal for every user and added mice from different brands carrying some particular specialties. You must read the whole post to spot precisely what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, a Bluetooth mouse or a USB receiver?

I’ll say both types have their own advantages and a few disadvantages. If we talk about Bluetooth, you don’t have to carry a dongle all the time; just turn on the mouse, and it will be already connected. In contrast, you just have to plug out the USB receiver and put it into another system, and it would be ready to go — no pain to pair with the system.

Which is the best wireless mouse?

The tech market is crowded with many mice for every type of usage and requirement, but it may take hours to uncover one. You can simply go for the Lenovo Go Wireless Mouse to avoid headaches. It has a Blue Optical sensor for precise movement detection and three-mode DPI settings. It can also connect with the system via a USB receiver or Bluetooth and can be charged wirelessly or wired.

Is wireless mouse better than wired?

The short answer is yes. However, it may be affected by your personal choice, requirements, and budget. A wireless mouse is slightly expensive, but it makes your desktop very clean and enhances the overall look. You can find a perfect mouse in both categories in terms of performance.

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