AX-Gaming Announces White RTX 4090

AX-Gaming Announces White RTX 4090

At Last, The Secret To AX-Gaming Announce White RTX 4090 Is Revealed

First GeForce RTX 40 GPU is announced by a Chinese business.

The NVIDIA RTX 4090 chip has been interpreted in white by Chinese maker AX-Gaming. The AX-Gaming RTX 4090 X3W is designed for gamers that prefer a little bit more (or a little bit less) contrast in their setups. On top of that, the card uses the same AD102 chip as other top graphics cards in the market—even a blue, stylized “Ada 1” on the device’s backplate displays.

In terms of the brand’s design choice, the AX-Gaming RTX 4090 X3W isn’t all that novel:

Most of the graphics cards AX-Gaming produces are white, which comprise the company’s product line. The business released as many as 15 designs for the RTX 30-series, indicating that its products were favorably appreciated. The company began designing cards about the same time as Nvidia’s RTX 20-series (the ones that introduced ray tracing at massive performance costs). We’d guess that Palit produced the card based on its design and the location of its sale.

Fan features

While the cooler is primarily white, there are some other colors to break up the snowy appearance. These are brushed aluminum elements that are blue and in low contrast, and you can mostly notice them on the card’s faceplate. According to the “Punk Max” design by AX-Gaming, the three 90 mm fans that move the air are separated geometrically. The fans cool the nine 6mm copper heat pipes that remove heat from the AD102 calculations, ensuring airflow through the cooler’s fin array. 

The nine 6mm copper heat pipes that remove heat from the AD102 calculations are cooled by the fans, which ensure airflow through the cooler’s fin array. AX-emblem Gaming is put on the central fan, while a stylized “ABXY” logo is put on the outermost fans. Each of the fans also has painted features on its base. It’s maybe lucky that when the card is put through its paces, the logo itself will form a spinning disc.

The business logo, the “Ada 1” logo, and the “RTX 4090” identifier are all in small touches.

Most of the backplate is white, with cut patterns that let more air flow through. The “Ada 1” logo, the “RTX 4090” identifier, and the corporate logo are all visible here in minor detail. A white metal grill and the words “RTX 4090” in the same brushed aluminum color match the edge that holds the 16-pin power connector next to the card. An LED lighting system is also used in the company’s logo to enhance the overall structure.

Chinese media outlet

A Chinese media outlet has already obtained the AX-Gaming RTX 4090 X3W, and it was discovered that the core clock is set at 2550 MHz, which is 30 MHz faster than the reference design used by Nvidia (2520 MHz). Performance information from the source shows that it is operating as an RTX 4090 ought to. One option to obtain this card from AX-Gaming outside of China is by purchasing it from an internet retailer like Aliexpress.

There, in the flagship store for another graphics card manufacturer, Galaxy, we discovered a single instance of the AX-Gaming RTX 4090 X3W for sale (also a Palit sub-brand). Positively, it comes with a 30% discount. Of course, this 30% discount results in a price cut from an astounding $4,099 to a still-amazing $2,869, and delivery charges are not included.

Remember that Colorful has already suggested its white iGame Ultra GPU and that Asus (ROG Strix White) and Galax (with its Boomstar and HOF series) are also trying to enter this market if you’re searching for a white graphics card for your computer. Maybe one of these would work better.

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