Intel Raptor Lake flagship CPU hits a huge 8.2GHz overclock

Intel Raptor Lake flagship CPU hits a huge 8.2GHz overclock

Intel’s flagship bird Lake got another terribly spectacular overclock, even quicker than the 8GHz exploit we have tendency to witness last month. The distinction at this point is that it’s a politician overclock of the Core i9-13900K by a professional within the field, ‘Splave’ (Allen Golibersuch), who managed to run the hardware at 8.2GHz.

As according by Tom’s Hardware, this was a part of Intel’s Creator Challenge and, as you’ll be able to imagine, Splave didn’t use ancient cooling, but rather cryogen (like this can be invariably the case, or similar exotic cooling that can’t be done at home, associate degreed is just sensible for a short amount of operation). Splave managed to push Alder Lake’s equivalent, the 12900K, to 7.6GHz, thus thereupon 8.2GHz overclock, the bird Lake flagship is 8% quicker even before it’s released.

Analysis: A tempting proposition for laptop speed demons

Thus it’s an exciting time for tinkerers and laptop enthusiasts. bird Lake’s overclocking potential is the strongest seen for a Core processor line in ages, the last time an Intel chip hit the 8GHz mark was over a decade ago. The quickest in recent memory was the Core i9-10900K duration at 7.7GHz, and that’s clearly already been we have a tendency toll and really crushed. The issue to recollect is that once the 13900K is released, it’ll inevitably be pushed to larger heights. 

For example, the 12900K hit 6.8GHz in its overclocking capabilities when it had been initially released, however, was later beaten by the aforesaid 7.6 GHz. In theory, then, we might well see the 13900K storm in over 8.5GHz territory probably within the hands of specialists in victimization liquid nitrogen. At this point, the hardware will challenge the quickest speeds a desktop processor has ever reached (over 8.7GHz, and people’s quickest chips are older models from AMD, its price noting).

Whereas the common laptop owner clearly won’t see such performance, it will counsel that additional traditional overclocking – maybe victimization liquid cooling or a decent air cooler – can manufacture spectacular results as well. And so there was a leak showing that the 13900K was allegedly running at 6.5GHz (on one core) with commonplace liquid cooling (add your own salt, perhaps a couple of shakes here, as invariably with the rumor mill).

All signs purpose to an awfully promising level of overclocking performance for bird Lake, which can be a strong lure for enthusiasts, and an element that might cause AMD to worry. The new Zen four flagship, AMD’s Ryzen nine 7950X, has hit the 7.5GHz shut this time (again on liquid nitrogen), therefore the 13900K is sort of 10% better than that at this point within the overclocking wars. a spot that’s unlikely to close, of course, over time…

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