Intel Releases First Arc Graphics Driver Package For Ubuntu

Intel Releases First Arc Graphics Driver Package For Ubuntu

What is a graphic driver?

Software created for a particular operating system is called a driver (OS). The driver facilitates communication between the OS and a specific piece of hardware. Intel makes graphics drivers to enable communication between particular Intel graphics cards and the Windows operating system. Suppose the display driver is a component of the graphics hardware. In that case, it might also be able to regulate output to the display.

Drivers for Intel’s new Arc Graphics Software on Linux

The first public driver package for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS’ new Intel Arc Graphics has been made available by Intel. Release notes and an installer are included with this package. Now is the perfect time to download and install the drivers. The updated Intel Arc Graphics drivers represent a substantial improvement. They also contain various bug fixes and performance enhancements. For Linux users, this is a significant development! Performance- and feature-wise, the new Intel Arc Graphics drivers represent a significant improvement. 

All Linux users should immediately update these drivers, as we strongly advise. For those unaware, Linux does not have just one driver for all of its graphics needs. As opposed to this, getting a hardware GPU up and running in a Linux environment requires a number of different drivers, including DRM kernel drivers, OpenGL drivers for OpenGL rendering apps, and an ANV driver for Vulkan-compatible video games, to name a few. Arc GPUs need these drivers and the official Intel graphics driver for Linux to function correctly.

Users of Arc GPUs had to ensure all these extra drivers were installed and the relevant versions were installed before Intel released their updated Arc driver package. Additionally, users must be aware of the Linux kernel and Mesa 3D Graphics Library versions that Intel supports, as these components directly impact the compatibility of Intel’s Arc GPU drivers. All of this additional labor is eliminated with Intel’s new Arc graphics driver stack because the driver package already contains all of the drivers you’ll require. 

Additionally, by using an installation process comparable to Windows-based driver installations, it will make driver installation much more straightforward for both inexperienced and seasoned Linux users. There is currently no information on when Intel will release further packages for other Linux versions, for both Ubuntu and non-Ubuntu distros, and the Linux driver package currently only supports Ubuntu version 22.04 LTS. Furthermore, it is unknown how quickly Intel would update its packages of graphics drivers, which could be a concern.

It depends on the company’s commitment to supporting its Linux customer base. Therefore, if Intel does not consistently update its driver packages with the most recent driver updates, you might be required to update drivers manually depending on how things turn out. For the time being, though, we’re pleased to see Intel offering a driver package at all, as it will greatly lessen the learning curve needed for users of Ubuntu version 22.04 LTS to get Arc GPUs up and running.

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