Micro Center Prices RTX 4080 Close to RTX 4090’s MSRP

Micro Center Prices RTX 4080 Close to RTX 4090’s MSRP

Micro Center Prices RTX 4080 Close to RTX 4090’s MSRP

Micro Center is the first store to display the RTX 4080 graphics card prices. Prices start at the $1199 MSRP that Nvidia has stated, but most cards easily exceed this amount, with AIB flagship cards reaching a max price of $1,549.99, which is only $50 more than the RTX 4090’s MSRP. Starting on November 16th, both founder’s edition and aftermarket versions of the RTX 4080 Ada Lovelace GPU will be available. There are 13 RTX 4080 listings on Micro Center from five manufacturers: Asus, PNY, Zotac, Gigabyte, and MSI. 

The Eagle model from Gigabyte has four listings, with prices ranging from $1,199.99 for the OC version to $1,269.99 for the Gaming version. Gigabyte has the most listings overall. The most costly Gigabyte model, with the top-tier Aorus Master version, costs $1,349.99. Gigabyte’s Aorus Xtreme model hasn’t yet been released, which is sad, but we expect it to happen shortly. Three Micro Center listings from Asus are available, including the premium RTX 4080 ROG Strix and two RTX 4080 TUF models.

The non-OC version of the first RTX 4080 TUF variant starts at $1,199.99, while the factory overclocked version of the second variant starts at a significantly higher $1,499.99. Since you can overclock any of these GPUs yourself, the relatively small 100 MHz clock speed boost is not worth the extra $300 if you’re in the market for one of these cards. We’re not sure why the costs are so high. Unsurprisingly, Asus’ ROG Strix RTX 4080, which retails for $1,549.99 and features a vast triple fan cooler, is the most costly 4080 GPU available from Micro Center.

Like Asus, Micro Center’s website lists three MSI RTX 4080 models, including the Ventus, Gaming X Trio, and Gaming X Trio OC variations. The Ventus costs $1,279.99, making it the least expensive model. The reference-clocked Gaming X Trio is priced at $1,324.99, while the overclocked model is priced at $1,399.99. Zotac has two products listed, including the Trinity and AMP extreme. Strangely, Zotac’s factory-overclocked Trinity OC is missing. The final of the five brands, PNY, currently has just one listing on its website. The RTX 4080 XLR 8 Gaming Verto Epic-X RGB costs $1,199.99.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090: Final Verdict

With pricing starting well over the triple digits and rising at just around Nvidia’s MSRP for the RTX 4090, the RTX 4080 will be a very costly graphics card.  Think about how far away the RTX 4080 is from the RTX 4090 before you make a purchase. If your budget supports $1,500 for an RTX 4080, you might want to consider an RTX 4090 instead if you can locate one close to MSRP. This card will be substantially faster for just $50 more on some models.

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